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Read this a while back and never did the review.Xandra is a model in France and is afflicted with two major problems view spoiler One problem is her selfish mother who allows Xandra to work and pay for her mother s rarefied lifestyle as well as put her little sister through a private college all the while despairing that her daughter is little than a prostitute Yeah, for being a model Her other big problem is Dimitri, her poor, pitiful misunderstood billionaire Greek lover Poor guy Yep, she misunderstands when he returns from a trip to the mother land and dumps her because he needs to marry another a woman she had no idea about She misunderstands when he accuses her of cheating on him and foisting off another s man s baby on him although she was a virgin when they first met She also misunderstands when she is evicted from their apartment by three people that come to make sure she gets out He actually really, really loves her, and can t understand why she s so difficult when he finally hunts her down Die a thousand painful deaths, you alpha romero dog.Best part of the book is when she gets a clue what an ass hat he really is when the evictors come to pack everything up She piles all the stuff he gave her and tosses the pregnancy test on top like the cherry on a sundae The only thing better would have been if she lit it on fire like Angela Bassett on Waiting to Exhale Bam hide spoiler Again a re read I added one star this time because hero convinced me of his love and how sorry he was for his rejection and rude words to the heroine He searched her for a long time she was so strong Both infront of her mother and her behavior and against their breakup I appreciate that they both took responsibility for their actions The angst level in this was high And their breakup scene was very hard to read.Loved the grandfather and all secondary characters.I strongly recommend. FREE DOWNLOAD ⚕ The Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress ⚖ When Greek Billionaire Dimitri Petronides Is Forced To Give Up Xandra Fortune, His Beautiful Mistress, He S Certain She Won T Be Too Distraught For All The Intense Passion They Ve Shared, She S Never Let Him Into Her Heart, And Such A Commitment Shy Woman Could Never Be His WifeBut After Their Split Dimitri Discovers That Xandra Fortune Is Not Who He Thought She Was And She Is Also Pregnant With His Child Now He Has To Track Her Down And Claim His Mistress As His Wife So my confession for today is I occasionally love a good melodramatic WTF ery plot And boy did this one have it in SPADES.WTF 1 Xandra Fortune is a European model Gosh, can t tell you how easy THOSE are to relate to It s a good thing she wasn t a supermodel yet because I never would have been able to relate to that.WTF 2 But she s a model with a secret identity Again, good thing she wasn t a supermodel because the superhero supermodel jokes would fly You see, Xandra Fortune is really DUN DUN DUUUNNNN Alexandra Dupree, a convent raised blue blood with a conservative, snotty mother, so she creates a whole new identity for herself as Xandra Fortune and becomes a model to support her ungrateful parent, as the family fortune heh heh is now nil While in her secret life, she meets and begins a year long relationship with the hero, Dimitri Petrodines.WTF 3 Alex Xandra gets preggers just as Dimitri has decided to dump her for a proper woman selected by his grandfather to marry Said grandfather is basically refusing to have life saving heart treatment if Dimitri doesn t marry the woman he s chosen, so it s literally a case of life and death, ya ll.WTF 4 Dimitri, as any good Harlequin Presents hero would, takes the news of A X s pregnancy as you might imagine he essentially calls her a whore and throws her out of their apartment She takes the opportunity to leave all her clothes there, along with the pregnancy test, but she stays in town hoping he ll come back to her Because, like all good HP heroines, A X s other job is Doormat And seriously, she s done her job at this point Every HP heroine knows that when you find yourself pregnant by the love of your life, you either A leave immediately without telling him after he behaves like an asshat, with no intention of collecting child support even though he s a gazillionaire and she generally has very little discernible income, or B tell him and immediately leave after he behaves like an asshat, with no intention of collecting child support even though he s a gazillionaire and she has very little discernible income A X chooses option B, but only after giving him several chances to treat her like scum.WTF 5, 6, 7 A X finally takes the hint and leaves Paris and dumps the Xandra Fortune secret identity, effectively killing the persona I m not kidding here several times, characters make the rather melodramatic sweeping statement that Xandra is dead, rather than, you know, completely fictional It s to the point, where A X and members of her family refer to Xandra as a separate entity from Alexandra Several times during these conversations, I thought to myself Ask your doctor if Schizophrenia is right for you This leads to the hero believing for several heart stopping minutes that his ex and baby have both died I feel that this WTF ery should get extra points, so it s actually WTF 5, 6, and 7.WTF 8 The hero has wised up and realized this is the chick for him enough to come get her and make her marry him because No Baby Ever Should Ever Have Separated Parents EVER is pretty much the motto in all HP pregnancy storylines.And honestly, that s just 1 8, which occurs in just the first few chapters which is why I did not do a spoiler warning There is much to be had in this story, including of the wily grandfather, the ungrateful mother, and most importantly, enough weirdly phrased miscommunications and misunderstandings to make for a British sit com.And okay, for all of my giving this one a hard time, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and went through it in one sitting, even as I mentally ripped it apart and wanted to scream at the characters, which is why it gets 4 stars I m not proud of that It s just the way it is. Did a reread and bumped up to 5 , one of my fav books by LM.I wonder if she ever wrote the sister s love story Why this book is popping on my feed again I do not know, must be some punishment for scorning the neighbor s cat But let me remind myself remember Kiki, he came to his sense conveniently AFTER the fianc e ran off and married the brother and started to look for her AFTER she was evicted and AFTER she left Paris which was actually one week after him throwing his tantrum because she had the brains to think she needs to give him time to cool down Also he neither apologised nor explained the reason for so brutally evicting her when she was pregnant when he s claiming he always loved her Die you pathetic dog of a SOB Die a thousand violent death After re read it s down to 2 star for heroine s backbone 1 star down for chauvinist manipulative relative One star down for chauvinist Neanderthal cruel SOB hero One star down for heroine ever forgiving him no matter how much she loved him and the fact he was baby daddy after he EVICTED her off their apartment.The fianc e ran off and married the brother so of course NOW he s free to pursue her, and why do we believe him He can of course say all the bullshit about how he was never going to go through with the marriage and how he was looking for her straightaway However there was no proof and it all conveniently started AFTER she was evicted and AFTER she left Paris which was actually one week after him throwing his tantrum because she had the brains to think she needs to give him time to cool down So he VERY conveniently starts believing her and desperately searches her on the seventh night the precise moment she exits Paris Yeah, just peachy I trust him as far as I can throw him, which is not far at all He s actions were unforgivable and unredeemable And I don t think he redeemed himself either All he did was sulk, brood, and then yell at the heroine saying how it was all her fault and then she went an apologise.Thanks but no thanks I suddenly realised why I prefer to be single Previous review 3 Star simply for the parts where heroine stood up for herself Hero however, was a complete freaken jerk The story of this book has been playing on my head since forever, guess its time for a re read D I bought this one because I was in the mood for an HP where the hero really done the heroine wrong and after she disappears realizes his mistake and searches for her to get her back This one was right up that alley and was pretty good The hero was a super super ass to her and she, while she loved him, didn t whimper and melt but stood up to him Well written with some good angsty scenes POV from both the hero and the heroine He was pretty contrite when he wised up so that was nice Minor spoiler on that point though view spoiler He had some of his employees evict her from their apartment Totally uncool but I can take most any asshatery from a hero in an HP as long as there us sufficient grovelling Here although he grovelled, I don t think this particular aspect was covered to the extent it needed to be hide spoiler Such fun angst with two fun characters A Greek hero who puts his loyalty to his grandfather over the woman he has been with for year A European supermodel with a secret American identity who is working to keep her impoverished, socialite mother in twinsets and pearls Things have gone swimmingly between the H h until 1 the H s grandfather needs heart surgery and demands the H marry a Greek virgin before he ll sign the consent forms 2 The h finds out she s pregnant view spoiler So, angst highlights for the heroine He is marrying another and had sex with her after he made that decision.He never would have married her.He doesn t believe in love or what they had as a couple.Doesn t believe the baby is his.Wants to give her a parting gift, but now won t because she s not going quietly.Has her evicted.Mother is ashamed of her.Angst highlights for the hero After he realizes his mistake he can t find the h for months because of her secret identity.Family is mad at him after his fight with the h is in the papers.When he does track her down, he thinks she s dead for a few minutes.Having to hear how he kicked her out when he s trying to get his own way He s done wrong and h is fairly good about reminding him of that.As you can see the angst doesn t match up, but this is HP world I thought the eviction and thinking the h was dead were both soul destroying and the reader gets to angst along in real time so I m good with the balance.The secret identity thing with green contacts really The H didn t know her eye color was a little over the top, but this is HP world and the crazier the better hide spoiler Absolutely loved and adored this book so much so that I read it four times in two days.Greek billionaire, Dimitri Petronides, is forced to give up Xandra Fortune, his girlfriend mistress, to marry the woman his Greek grandfather had chosen for him Xandra was devastated because she had just taken a pregnancy test and the result was positive She leaves the day he kicked her out but she does call him and asks to meet him but he doesn t believe she s pregnant.He finally realized after a week that she was telling the truth and desperately tries to find her But find her he could not He was told Xandra was dead but what the person meant was that Xandra, the model, had exited her career and went back to her given name.This was a great read in my opinion I definitely recommend this book.