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This is actually my second time reading through this series, but the first time after creating my Goodreads account The first volume is a lot of traditional relationship building between recently introduced key characters, so nothing is particularly deep in this volume However, it does do a great job of explaining how the game works and just how lucky our main character, Prince , has gotten.I definitely loved this series when I was younger and I m happy to be reading through it again. I loved this manga It s one of my FAVORITES This story is a chinese i think manhwa about a girl who plays a game called 2nd Life where you play as someone else while you re sleeping It basically is your second life The main character is a girl, who plays as a male elf on the game, because her brother said that girls don t do anything in videogames She wanted to prove him wrong, so she asked for a gender change for the game.This book has the perfect balance of comedy, action, romance, and technology to catch my attention It s probably one of the best Manhwa s I ve ever read Since I like reading about female leads than a guy it s good to know that there s a girl underneath her handsome guy face. The first 30 chapters were hilarious so I ll rate it 4 or 5 stars.The rest of the chapters though, lost its appeal Im not sure if I just grew up and my humour changed but it didnt really worked for me. Feng Lan, a 19 year old girl, and her twin brother, Feng Yang Ming, both love to play virtural reality games When then new game Second Life comes out, Feng Lan is determined to become a male warrior and proove to her brother that she s just as good as he is with out playing with the female benifits that are given to all female players When Feng Lan logs on early, trying to get a head start from her brother, she is the first player to log on The Second Life superiors grant her one wish in the game and she decides to change her gender and become a handsome elvin prince That starts up her adventures in Second Life.This series is really funny and has some good plot twists and arcs It s great for people who are into gaming and for those who aren t it explains gaming terms well enough for non gamers to understand Most of the characters are orginal and likable Sometimes I wish it spent time out of the game but other than that I think it s great There s some nice romance, triangles and gender confusion. I m so in love with this story Makes me want to jump back into gaming feet first The characters are fabulous The story is funny, awkward, and so addicting. Artwork 3 starsCharacter 4 starsPlot 5 starsRomance 3 stars Storytelling 4 stars World building 5 starsIn the mood for adventure and fantasy, so for the nth time I reread this Half Prince, one of my all time favorite shounen manga. Currently read through ch 40 I ve really enjoyed this series One of my favorites so far So many conundrums occur in it, too Waiting to see how it will pan out w Gui Haha Okay so this story is mostly for entertainment than anything I ve played my fair share of video games so the summary caught my eye as I was scrolling through popular fantasy manga Well I m glad I did, for the most basic reason as laughing my ass off as I read through these nine volumes I could also appreciate the gamer terms Wo uses I even learned a few The artwork is great too Not realistic as these are portrayed as gaming characters, but very nice on the eyes when the artist does her serious panels The volume has an air of fluff and humor, but nonetheless I liked it immensely And if you look closely, there is a deep plotline emerging Read if you re a fan of manga and would like to laugh. A lot of people have been telling me that this is an awesome series I should pick up and start reading Since I ve been low on manga books lately I decided to pick this one up.Boy was it good the plot is not only original but totally grabbing and made me flip maddly throught eh Mangafox manga reader I guess I really am a manga addict after all.So far the story and plot is open to any possiblities and I m rather interested on what will happen next A great addiction to my list of read mangas because i think this is definately worth a read, for fantasy lovers, manga lovers, and even for those who enjoy sci fi cause some of that stuff is mixed into here as well `READ KINDLE ↙ 1/2 王子 01 ↳ GM GM OH MY GOD GAY