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I only love one part Spasi 1998 Didn t really attached with the rest and didn t find it relevant, tbh. Reading from its title Filosofi Kopi The philosophy of Coffee one might think that the book is filled with collections of exciting, epic stories that offer a fresh perspective about the popular roasted, brown seeds we know as coffee However to my dissapointment, the book is not all really about coffee There is only one story that s associated with the book s title The rest are merely love stories and by saying this I don t mean to dislike the book.The book in overall doesn t allure its readers into a deep thought It is just a series of simple, casual stories to read when you are whiling away It doesn t require a lot of time nor a great amount of energy to finish the book, in my case, I was on the last page of the book in 90 minutes or so.Even though this book is one quick read, it doesn t sound kitschy They are comprised of lots of little nuggets of inspiration and flicks of imagination that are really enjoyable Some of the stories are good, but some are just barely even, however It s discernible to me that the author Dee really put exceptional efforts writing them Lastly, agreeing with the title, the book to me is a sub for a cup of coffee it accompanies a lonely heart on a cold, windy night, keeps you busy in the middle of a crowded cafe, it is also a great working companion and a great starter of the day as it is a loyal friend amidst of a wait.So I believe if you re looking for a book that talks great theories and philosophies about coffee, this is definitely not the book you re looking for, rather if you re simply looking for a cup of coffee and can t find one, I m confident this book will do just fine Thanks to Amang for lending me the book I hope I can drop by the office this week to return the book DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♵ Filosofi Kopi: Kumpulan Cerita dan Prosa Satu Dekade ⚖ Pemaknaan Kembali Kembali Kopi, Buddha, Herman, Surat Tak Tarkirimkan, Cinta Sejenis Yang Manis Atau Apa Pun, Membuktikan Dee Tetap Memesona Kalau Kemarin Panitia Nobel Sastra Masih Maju Mundur Dengan Nama Pramoedya, Sekarang Bisa Memaknai Kembali, Melalui Karya Karya IniRuang Cerpen Yang Sempit Dijadikannya Wahana Yang Intens Namun Tidak Sesak Untuk Mengungkapkan Apa Yang Tak Selalu Mampu Dikatakan Lewat Refleksi Dan Monolog Interior Yang Digarap Dengan Cakap Dan Jernih Pembaca Diajaknya Menjelajahi Halaman Halaman Kecil Dalam Cerpen Yang Kini Dijadikannya Semesta KehidupanCerpen Cerpen Dee Itu Persis Racikan Kopi Dari Tangan Seorang Ahli Peracik Kopi Harum, Menyegarkan, Dan Nikmat Pahit, Tapi Sekaligus Mengandung Manis Dee never disappoints Another book I ve read but forgot to update Should be Black as HellStrong as DeathSweet as Love x especially filosofi kopi story, it is really inspiring to show you how there would be nothing s perfect above the sky there s still another sky, above the most clever person, there s still cleverer body has right to be so arrogant and claim their selves as the perfect one coz God created you imperfect to meet another people that can make you feel perfect and help that person to feel perfect by your presence beside themthat s why you need love I ve always had a strange fascination for short stories, and the wonderment that comes with these little chapters in particular only furthered that fascination I find myself so inspired with the incredible power that comes with only a few short pages I don t know where it first began, really, this strange yearning, almost, to write as many words as possible I guess it stemmed from those school exercises that emphasizedon the number of words rather than the actual value of your written work, though I suppose the prompt was meant to incorporate the two But as a kid teenager who knew so little about the world, writing with a specific amount of words can be a daunting task That meant including a whole lot of bullshit, consisting of redundant arguments and repetitive words, in order to make that expected number of words That sort of exercise, which you do through years of primary, middle and then high school, sticks around as a force of habit even when you know it s not a great feature These days, I try to focus less on the number of words andon the quality of any essay, but quality also means information and when there s an abundance of it, it s a tricky task to navigate your way through which ones to include or omit, and that s also something I m still learning to accomplish Don t think that all that didn t have a thing to do with the book it does It s what makes these stories evenprecious, the way that they are so simply narrated, and at times without fuss, just straight to the main idea, but still very heartfelt and even poetic That could be extra challenging in Indonesian, mind you, where redundancies pretty much makes the chunk of our exchanges or at least that seems to be the case in my own humble opinion It s hard to pick a favourite, really, because every chapter was a gem in itself The story of Herman makes me wonder about the things we look for in life and the choices we make in life, whereas the tale about the toothbrush reminds me of hope in love There s also the story of Rico, which prompts me to think about life in a magnified way sadly not as easy as it sounds in a world filled with skepticism and ridicule over so many things that are actually valuable, though perhaps not right away Thank you to my dear Sarah for gifting me this one, as it once again reminds me of how much in Indonesian literature there are for me to enjoy and learn from, as well as the joys of reading in Indonesian. As I huge fans of unhappy ending, I favorite it Some of short stories are bitter and melancholic I love Lara Lana, Sikat Gigi and Sepotong Kue Kuning So hopeless romantic how every character in the story above is stuck in an affair or forbidden love or love someone secretly Just like Lana, Tio and Indi.. To me this book is like a bible I read it religiously, almost everyday Especially at night when i can t sleep easily Not that this book makes me sleepy, but it makes me sleep with a smile The books consists of some short stories, with different themes I like Dee s writing She picks some ordinary words, and put them all together in an extraordinary sentence I can read one sentence over and over, just to get into its deepest meaning.Some stories are very related to my current life About love and life My fave stories are Spasi, Sikat gigi, and Surat yang tak pernah sampai.Here s my fave lines from Spasi Napas akan melega dengan sepasang paru paru yang tak dibagi Darah mengalir deras dengan jantung yang tidak dipakai dua kali Jiwa tidaklah dibelah, tetapi bersua dengan jiwa lain yang searah Jadi, jangan lumpuhkan aku dengan mengatasnamakan kasih sayang.Mari berkelana dengan rapat tapi tak dibebat Janganlah saling membendung apabila tak ingin tersandung.Pegang tanganku, tapi jangan terlalu erat, karena aku ingin seiring dan bukan digiring. More like 3.5 stars tbh Saya suka banget sama cerita terakhir dalam buku ini, which is Rico de Coro That story was so hilarious and a lil bit disgusting but also giving us a new perspective from a cockroach s point of view lol Overall, this book was good