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I had a bit of a problem with Alex throughout most of this Don t get me wrong he made the same assumption anyone would make, I mean you come home to find your wife husband in bed with another person you automatically jump to the assumption that they have been unfaithful, right So I didn t blame him for that, but I did blame him for the way he acted afterwards Ok so he needed a bit of time to cool off, again I had no problem with that, but then the adult thing to do is to discuss the matter further and listen to explanations etc, but no, Alex walks away and doesn t see or speak to Kerry for 4 years despite the fact that she is pregnant and having his baby He does however regularly see his son but is now getting fed up with being a part time dad and wants He realises he can t have his son without his ex wife so goes about blackmailing her into marrying him again As I was getting towards the end I was thinking I was gonna give this 3 stars but then I got to the last couple of chapters and I started to forgive him for some of his actions I also loved the last chapter and thought this was a great ending to the story and it was at that point I changed my mind on the ratingI have put enough spoilers in so I am not gonna spoil that for you, you need to read it yourself.The only other criticism is that I would have liked to have had an epilogue set a couple of years down the line. Very strong story by LG It had quite a few different elements and the story all hung together very well, so good plotting I particularly enjoyed how angsty the heroine was when she thought she had done the bad thing and how realistically she perked up when she found out the truth I had fun reading about the cold hero who had thrown her out without a hearing 4 years before I loved to see him come to terms with his feelings for her I continue to be a fan of LG. @Ebook Ý The Veranchetti Marriage ⚸ Kerry Had Betrayed His TrustFour Years Ago, Alex Veranchetti, A Strong Willed Italian Tycoon, Had Abruptly Ended Their Marriage Wounded By The Dreadful Wrong He Thought Kerry Had Done To Him Now He Was Back In Kerry S Life, And Intent On Remarrying Her For The Sake Of Their Son Kerry Had No Choice She Had To Marry Alex Or Risk Tearing Apart Her Proper English Family With The Exposure Of Her Shameful Secret Yet This Marriage Could Never Work Not With All The Hurts Driving A Rift Between The Two, Not With All The Doubts A second chance story with the hero forcing a re marriage for the sake of their four year old son They broke up in the first place because the hero caught the heroine in bed with a drunk guy at her sister s birthday party Little did either one of them know that the sister had set the whole thing up out of jealousy The heroine can t remember anything and goes into a shame spiral that lasts for four years And speaking of jealous the hero suffers from this and has to confront himself after an incident on the beach where the heroine innocently talks to some tourists and the hero takes it the wrong way Once the hero learns the truth, he looks at his own behavior and begins his own shame spiral The hero s backstory view spoiler His mother had an affair with another man and his father never knew hide spoiler I m actually not in the mood to read anything right now, but there s something about the blurb that caught my attention or maybe because Lynne Graham is a favorite mine For whatever the reason, I m glad I ve read it.It s been four years since Kerry s husband Alex divorced her after believing that she slept with other man whilst pregnant with his baby She begged him to listen to her but he refused to see or speak to her For four years, they only communicated through his lawyer But when she and their son, Nicky, had an accident he turns up in England, and before she get over it, she find herself being blackmailed into re marrying him It was either that or he will fight her for the custody of their child I don t know why every book I ve read that involved children have that kind of plot Marriage vs Custody Will Alex and Kerry finally move on from the past and have a second chance at love Or the hurt and doubts will destroy again their second chance Alex sigh I admit, at first I actually thought that he s such a b stard For much of the book he treated Kerry abominably Always reminding her about her mistake Aside from that he s domineering, doubtful, possessive and with a big jealous bone in his body He is actually one of the most flawed heroes I have ever read, and I loved him Yes, you read it right I actually fell in love with Alex, especially after I found out what his issues were I totally understood his cruel reaction Him holding back so many emotions considering his past made sense It actually made him the kind of hero that I want to grab onto and never let go Plus, I m a total sucker for the besotted hero and the highly possessive and jealous ones.And as for the heroine, Kerry, I absolutely adored her She s sweet, strong, dependent and feisty Alex crushed her when he refused to listen to her and divorced her but for her son s sake she slowly got her life back on track Although she still felt guilty for something she didn t actually do view spoiler She thought it s her fault that their marriage fell apart when she slept with other man during the night she got drunk But the truth was her sister set her up to looked like she slept with other man hide spoiler I do like the older Lynne Graham s much better than the newer ones The H in this one was typically arrogant and controlling, but not a bad guy I enjoyed watching him seethe in frustration when his schemes didn t go as smoothly as he d planned spoilers The H believed the heroine had gotten drunk and slept with another man at a party while she was pregnant with his child He was furious, so he refused to ever see or speak to her again Although, they did communicate through lawyers and he spent time with the child The heroine, Kerry, never actually cheated on him but she carried a lot of guilt because she did not remember what happened that night and thought she had at least gotten trashed and then kissed made out with this other man Four years later, she has a fairly minor car accident with her little boy in the car The H turns up in England and before she knows it has blackmailed her into re marrying him It was either that or she lose primary custody of their child Alex felt very self righteous, so he said some awful, bitter things to the h and humiliated her with hate sex a couple of days before they re wed He seemed to find that episode cathartic and afterwards, expected to continue on with a normal marriage where he magnanimously put the past behind them It was kind of funny He went from being a self righteous, insulting ass to a loving husband almost overnight He just couldn t seem to understand why Kerry wasn t cooperating So flipping dense Kerry in the meantime had learned that she never even touched this other man She was drugged and setup by her own jealous sister to make it look like she d cheated on Alex Thing was, she knew Alex would never believe the truth Once she realized she was wholly innocent of her sins, she got VERY angry about the callous way Alex had left her 4 years before without even allowing her to explain her side Plus the things he said did during the hate sex episode were damn awful and hurtful So, she proceeds to make their remarriage very difficult and stormy.Of course, they had both loved one another all along and neither had been with anyone else during their separation which is a nice change the guy usually sleeps around during the separation, but the woman has to be chaste It was a pretty satisfying HEA I felt that both of them came to terms with mistakes they d made the first time and the H, especially, grew in self awareness. This is one of those classic HP angsty readsthat you just can t put down till you finish it If that s your cup of tea, then you need to read this book Kerry and Alex were marriedshe was a very young teenager and he was a mature jaded man Throw in a jealous sister who purposely manipulates them and you have one very powerful novel Alex was just one cruel unbelievable bas % who ruthlessly tosses her out of his life when he finds her in bed with another man Fast forward a few years, and he is demanding that they remarry because he no longer wants to be a part time dad The story has incredible passion and also some wonderful scenes where Alex truly tries to forget the past and make his new marriage work What I found frustrating was the inner strength the heroine kept finding and then losing throughout the book She waffled so much, that I couldn t keep up with her from page to page Secondly, I think the heroine forgave him too easily in the end Alex got to call the shots way too many times for my taste. Let me just remind you ll, hero s celibacy cause little guy had performance issues Nothing to do with undying love for heroine.Apart from it What vintage said Read Vintage s 2 star review of The Veranchetti Marriage by Lynne Graham The Veranchetti Marriage Lynne Graham makes her debut in HPlandia and it is a doozy of a start LG hasn t quite found her own voice yet, this is really a heavy channeling of Lilian Peake h martyrdom and a jealous possessive H that really gives Charlotte Lamb a run for her money, but he never hits the h which is a big plus in his favor So the h and H were married They met when the h was 18 and just getting started in life and staying at her older sister s flat for the summer The 30 yr old H was fighting the attraction but eventually gives in and the h was head over heels in love Marriage wasn t great The H was really controlling and locked her up with his family who weren t exactly the nicest people on the planet The h rebels against such a circumscribed existence and goes to a party her sister is having She has a drink and passes out, wakes up in bed with a strange man next to her and the H is looking like the Vengeance of Doom The H leaves, they get divorced The h is burdened with the shame of thinking she got toasted and slept with some random guy Except she is preggers and he has partial custody, so they share the baby Until the h gets into a wreck caused by the bully s, er bodyguards, he has following his son around The H decides that the h can either remarry him or lose custody of their son The h tries to protest, but her parents are elderly and her dad is ill and they can t wait to pimp the h back to the H The H threatens to tell them of her infidelity and she knows that will kill her dad The H and h have a lurve club moment and the h hates herself for still being stuck on the H Then the sister shows up and confesses that she was jealous, so one of her boyfriends drugged the h and then the sister got him to strip and join the h in bed as the H was arriving The h is utterly appalled at her sister s behavior But if she reveals it, her parents are going to flip and her dad might die from his heart condition The h always felt that her divorce caused his first heart attack So the h remarries the H, but knowing she did nothing wrong and remembering the H s really harsh treatment and the estrangement from her family and isolation she suffered makes her ready to stand up to him He tries to make like all is past and they are restarting their marriage, he parades her around his family and then takes her to a private Greek island The H s family is a bit better this time around, because the h isn t the immature teenager she was, but things come to a head during the island interlude The h meets some young people on the beach and the H beats one of them up for putting the moves on the h She flips out, cause his behavior is insane and it frightens her and his sister doesn t help much when she condemns the h as well She turns away from the H cause with his kind of violent temper, she figures it is just a matter of time before he turns it on her as well Then she finds out she is preggers again, and she isn t overjoyed cause her last pregnancy was an utter misery.So the H decides that they will just be friends and live in the same house Except the h wants the record on her infidelity set straight and then to resume the marriage The h is driven kinda batty by how attentive yet untouchable the H is and they go to live in Florence The H has bought her an antiques shop and vows to be around for her The h is surprised the H is trying so hard and starting to soften her stance but then the H finds out from the sister and her now fiance about the set up at the sister s party.The h figures now that the H knows, they can talk to each other and really start over But the H comes and is very ashamed of himself He asks her why she did not tell him before he forced her to marry him and she explains that her sister wouldn t have confessed and he would never believe her without proof The H apologizes and promises to leave the h alone, he won t even try to see his kids unless she approves, and he tears up the really mean contract he made her sign when they got remarried Then he leaves and the h lets him go cause she figures if he really loved her, he would stick around and hash things out She assumes that since he left, he just wanted revenge and that backfired big time She wants to be loved, so good riddance to him The h is having mopey moments and trying to get on with things her house in Florence was left half finished and she is getting on with decorating it when the H s witch of a mother shows up She explains that the H is the way he is because he caught her in an affair when he was 13 and it ruined their relationship and he really loved his father and felt horrible that his mother betrayed him I actually felt kinda sad for the H s mother, she got stuck in an arranged marriage, had a shot at love and then had to give it up cause she loved her son and couldn t ruin his life The H had a hard time trusting any woman after that and then to love the h so much but think she had cheated him was too much for his itty bitty ego to handle So he cut her out of his life and wouldn t even talk to her Which was a shame really, cause it wouldn t have taken too long to figure out what really happened, the H was very wise to the sister s tactics, but then there wouldn t have been a story The h is still a bit unhappy that the H wouldn t even give her a hearing for four long years, but she does understand his dilemma and goes to find him and drag him back.She arrives at the H s hideaway and he is completely drunk and miserable The drunk, repentant H will be a LG trademark for several of her stories They lose the h and hit the bottle and are generally really cute with the drunk part when they do He claims that he has always loved her, even tho he never said it and that there were no other women for him since their divorce Which is why he was so forcible in seducing her before they married The h avows true love back and they are happily reunited for the big HEA.This one was pretty good and the h did a decent job of standing up for herself once the truth was revealed I wasn t a big fan of the sister and her boyfriend fiance getting off for what they did and really I thought the H s meanness really went on too long, nor was I a fan of the H s family Still the angst in this one was wonderful and the H is sooo sad and sorry at the end, that I mostly forgave him This book is good indicator of later LG style development too The nicer than nice h who can t bear to hurt family, no matter how horrible Greek private islands and horrible wedding contracts The H who acts like a big rotten person until he finally sees the light and the really big H grovel moment at the end will all become LG hallmarks and make this author one of the best beloved in all of HPlandia For a first time HP this one is good and tho she isn t at her best yet, it is a good indicator of future LG HPlandia voyages. I just re read this and came to write a review as I did not do it the first time Probably shock and disgust.This was as stomach churner and has one of my least favorite tropes, the innocent idiot suspected of adultery on the basis of convincing but flawed evidence I m not kidding when I say stomach churner.For the last four years, the h has raised her little boy in England, divorced from alpha Romero ex An angsty marriage had led to increased tension between the lovers, and the h visits her sister The next morning the H finds the h in bed with a nude man He efficiently and ruthlessly cuts off all ties and communication with her although she s pregnant She begs and begs to to talk to him as she is as horrified and sickened by what happened Apparently she, her sister and a male friend started drinking and things got out of hand The H wants NOTHING to do with her Unlike many of these tropes he doesn t deny it s son In fact they share custody, and our plot moppet has lots of frequent flyer miles having been shuttled between poky ole England and sunny Italy Present day, the almost four year old son is back from a visit He is the most verbal toddler in the world I might add An accident lands the h in the hospital and back into the H s arms Sorry folks, this is where I started to skim I missed a big sexual assignation where I am assuming HIS magic penis and HER exploding lady bits met up Lynne Graham is always so distressingly detailed in discussing these feeble victims heroine s attraction to the H Ah well, I m sure there will be another time.They MOC at the H s instigation, and I don t know what logic or arm twisting he did, but the h is bitter her life is once again thrown awry by the overpowering H He s an arrogant ass hat to the third degree, but in all fairness he DID find her in bed, NAKED, with another man He seems to sincerely want to try again She turns kinda bitchy The h feels no hope as how can they come back from the horrible night she blah, blah, blah She finds out right before the second ceremony view spoiler that her sweet sister who needs to die a slow and painful death set her up Yep, sis had the hots for the H and was furious that he preferred her little sister who wasn t as pretty, as sophisticated or apparently as slutty Yes, I am slut shaming For a lark, once she sees the H coming, sis has her friend BF jump into bed with the h Oh, it s so hysterical What the total idiot BF thought, who knows He pops back later in the story with the pathetic apology and statement,I didn t think your husband would get so mador some similar drivel The h is both hurt and, importantly, furious Her sister just can t face admitting it to anyone what would mom and dad think and leaves The h ponders telling the H but knows he won t believe her For once, the h was right This whole section just made ill Bad enough, I mean BAD ENOUGH, that the sister betrayed the h like that, but to not fix it She saw her little sister destroyed right after it happened when the H wouldn t speak to her She saw the h raising a little boy by herself She saw her nephew deprived of two parents together I am the idiot These are fictional characters in an incredibly fictional world, but if we are to buy into this we have to engage Okay, back to the rest hide spoiler