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FREE ⛑ Guardians of the Cross (The Warrior Series, #2) ñ Allison La Crosse Discovers She Has Several Powers, Including A Spiritual Gift To Heal The Dying With Her Touch With The Newfound Awareness, She Uncovers Mind Boggling Truths About A World, Which Has Been Hidden Her Whole Life, Thanks To Her Mother S Selfless Actions The Most Important Revelation Pertains To Her Ordained Place Within The Disciples Of The Cross As One Of Their Warriors This Position Moves Her Even Closer To Her Mentor, Brody Kennedy, Who Ends Up Being The Only Other Warrior Just As Suddenly, It Catapults Her Into The Middle Of A War Between The Sect And The Disciples Allison S Appointment To Warrior Alongside Brody Exacerbates The Leader Of The Sect S Malicious Hunt For Her As A Result, Everything About Her Existence Is Altered With The Modification Of Her Life, She Prepares To Do Anything Necessary To Save Everyone Loved By Her Including Brody And Clark Read 2 ReviewI just finished Warriors of the Cross and I had to go ahead and jump in to Guardians of the Cross having enjoyed it so muchFirst let me see that the cover of this book is very beautiful and that has led me to some good stuff inseide the pages of Guardians of the Cross as well I have found this series intrguing and I love the good vs evil action that has our characters in so much drama Just like Warriors of the Cross, this books provides action packed drama with romance that keeps you glued to your seat to find out what is going to happen With twists and turns found throughout, you are heavily engrossed and then the next thing you know, it is over and I am now eagerly awaiting the next installment.T R Graves has created a world around Allie, with Brody and Clark, that I am totally hooked on A definite must read Everything you loved about Warriors of the Cross becomes deeper embedded and fully developed within each action packed page, making Guardians of the Cross an exciting continuation Moving to the next level, relationships evolvesuspense buildsand characters reveal themselves for who they are, love each other unconditionally, and protect their leaders with their lives The only thing I can say about Allison and Brody Allison and Clark is it gets BETTER HOTTER so be prepared One thing is for sureGuardians of the Cross is not for the faint of heart The ending will leave you crying right before you beg for Enemies of the Cross to become immediately available To that I say, It won t be ready until mid to late 2012.ENJOY T.R GravesWarriors of the Cross Guardians of the Cross Enemies of the CrossLeftGrave BoundUnderground I cant wait for the next one T.R Graves.GOOD JOB This is a follow up book to Warriors of the Cross, which I also loved Allison, Brody, and Clark are back in a seamless follow up book where we discover mysteries as well as secrets This is a suspenseful and intriguing read I am excited about your next book I would highly recommend I am a reader of mostly paranormal adult romance but this book and the previous one is something I would recommend to readers as young as teens I don t want to divulge too much of the plot without spoiling it but their are forces at work greater than we know.