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This was a fun office romance with emphasis on the fun and office than the romance Polly proved she could be the perfect apprentice capable of accomplishing anything she set her mind to, including winning the heart of ruthless businessman Damon Doukakis She and Damon had nice chemistry Their banter and clash of wills set the tone for some funny moments But as fun as this was I would have liked to have gained insight into Polly and Damon s feelings for one another, such as longing and passion Just a little internal introspection or even personal interaction outside of the business domain would have been nice Other than the last chapter these romantic feelings weren t really explored. re read Knocked down a star because of the unsatisfying ending for the secondary characters Heroine s pig of a dad got no comeuppance nor felt any remorse for how he neglected his daughter and business I also felt sorry for the H s sister who traded a controlling brother for an aging husband on his fifth marriage That s just depressing H h are still adorable and I love their relationship original review This was fun Heroine is very likable and competent and tries to do her best for her employees Hero has his own agenda that never quite gets off the ground bless him Read this when you want to smile as the action unfolds. I ve never been annoyed about the lack of respect Harlequin pays to its category romances this is a really good book, and it s almost ruined by lousy continuity How hard can it be for a proofreader to notice that the hero s sister changes names from one paragraph to the next, several times Not the only continuity issue, either That aside, I was charmed by this It s not at all a typical Presents, but not in that way that makes me think it was published in the wrong line although not high on drama, it has just enough of everything it needs to feel right Ironically, the fact that it seems genuinely contemporary reminds me of the great HPs of the past, in which there was variety and surprises and a sense of zeitgeist The best thing about the story is its heroine Polly has a sad past, but she is tough and resilient as well as intelligent and creative But my absolutely favorite thing about her is that when Damon sexually humiliates her, in classic HP style, instead of suffering in silence, she does it right back to him with the instruction Just because you re insanely good at kissing, that doesn t give you the right to make a fool of me Don t ever do that again I was also very amused when the commitment phobic Damon is highly tense after they sleep together, only to discover that she has no interest in trying to form a relationship with him, which leaves him curiously aggrieved.I started this review with a complaint about Harlequin I ll end it by praising them for publishing a book that s different and fun Please, keep it up And hire some proofreaders One of the most best and enjoyable HP s I ve read.Polly Prince is hard at work despite the board having sold her father s company to Damon Doukakis and she knows the reason why her father is involved with his younger sister Damon has a very low opinion of her since she and his sister got expelled from school at 14 and he blames her.Polly just wants to save the people s jobs, who ve been like family to her, raising her when her father has been too irresponsible and self involved She loses her temper in the meeting because of the faithless board but Damon despite being condescending to her and thinking that she holds a position only because of being the boss s daughter, assures her that the jobs are not being cut yet.The reason I enjoyed the book was Polly and seeing how over the course of the book Damon had to eat crow and realize how wonderful and hard working Polly was I also enjoyed that Polly was open about acknowledging the chemistry between them and gives back to Damon as well by playing his same game.After their first night together, the next day Damon is shocked that Polly only wants to talk about work and tells him to forget about it I liked that we saw the effect her father s multiple relationships had, had on Polly and her faith in them.What I enjoyed the most was Polly s loyalty to her company members, and even her father She wasn t a bitter at all about having only herself to depend on for everything and worked harder than anyone I liked how she didn t keep a grudge about Damon s snap judgments about her and kind of showed him that productivity can be through fun too Everything about the book worked for me. What an awesomely kick ass, bad ass heroine Polly Prince was so feisty, sassy, smart and so utterly adorable that I even forgot I was reading a Harlequin novel This was such a refreshing change of pace from the typical Harlequin book because Polly actually had a backbone and wouldn t take any nonsense from the hero, rather managing to turnhiminto a quivering mess of emotional nerves over his insecurities aboutherfeelings or rather lack thereof for him Not that Damon doesn t try to pull the typical alpha hero I m a real jerk and I don t do commitment antics on her Oh no Damon is the typical overbearing, autocratic, judgmental, I m holier than thou alpha harlequin male full of unwarranted misjudgments and condemnation of the heroine and her character But Polly doesn t take any of that crap from him and puts him right back in his place and winds him around her little finger That was so AWESOME I felt vindicated for and felt cathartic relief for every other Harlequin wallbanger I have ever read with doormat heroines just taking abuse from jerk heroes Many Harlequin writers try to portray a strong heroine but fail, portraying a bitchy, irritating or annoying character instead Polly was none of those things She was smart mouthed, sassy, passionate and stood up for herself but she was also touchingly vulnerable and lovable too I loved her fluffy pink pen and pink notebook with her love for pink everything I really just wanted to give her a big hug so I could really understand why Damon fell for her Demon Damon his well earned nickname was not a bad catch either, after Polly did her number on him.This book was a thoroughly enjoyable read with quite a few laughs and smart repartee between the characters thanks to Polly s smart mouth and sass It s got everything else you want from a Harlequin modern as well, including pretty steamy love scenes and a glamorous setting What I didn t enjoy about the book was view spoiler the incestuous nature of the relationship they meet because hero s sister and Polly s school friend is having an affair with Polly s father who happens to be 30 years her senior and the fact that Polly s father was such a negligent parent I also thought the end was rather abrupt and there should have been resolution of how Damon comes around to change his mind about not pursuing a long term relationship hide spoiler Reread and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.I just wish it had an epilogue. What with writing and reading, I rarely get to bed before 1am.Last night, my plans for an early night were shot by this book.I m always wary when there s hype about a book in case it doesn t live up to expectations.This one did, and how Polly Prince is a standout heroine ballsy, funny, quirky.Damon Doukakis is a typical Presents hero commanding, arrogant and super sexy.Together Fireworks Every now and then a book comes along that gives me writer envy This is one of them.Brilliant read.Highly recommended. Uplifting romance, easy and light to read Witty and brisk dialogues plus adorable characters u can t help but love I can totally see why one of my GRs friends has so much love for Polly She really is a great character Loving, hardworking, intelligent, strong, and willing to stand up for what s right And she has a great sense of humor I loved her loyalty to her employees Wish bosses were that way in real life At first, I didn t think Mr Doukakis was nearly good enough for her He was a bit of a jerk to poor Polly Fortunately, as it should be with any good romance book, I came to like and respect him, to see that he was a Control Freak than anything It s interesting how an insecure childhood can shape two different people in two entirely different ways Honestly though, Polly and Damon aren t that different They are both goal oriented, decisive people who get the job done Who deal with circumstances and fix what s wrong in the best way possible People who love strong and deep, and believe in doing the right thing Damon came on hard and tough, like he didn t care, but he also cared about his employees He just wasn t touchy feely about it like Polly I have to say I liked his business ethics a lot except for the hot desk idea Did not like that at all So my main issues were with how Damon treated Polly Damon couldn t see past the outside, the fae, energetic beauty of Polly, to believe that she was just as capable as he was He was poisoned by his past experience with her and his issues with her father I was glad that he did work past his preconceived notions to give her the credit she was due And he fell head over heels for her I think I might create a new shelf, the He never even knew what hit him shelf, because that s what happened to Mr Doukakis when Polly came into his life.I liked the fresh, modern feel of this story, without throwing out the things I value in a HP I like a virgin heroine, and I like that Ms Morgan wrote one who is identifiably modern without being promiscuous It wouldn t make sense for her to be that way, but it makes perfect sense for her to be a virgin And there are a lot of woman out there who might be virgins for similar reasons without being weirdos, as the media tries to present off soapbox I also felt the freshness in the references to such things as You Tube and other social media Polly knows that the target audience for her advertising campaigns are going to rely heavily on social media So why not use those technological avenues to advertise to the younger demographics This felt very relevant, and I never felt like I was lost in a time zone, like I can feel sometimes with category romances I also liked that although Damon takes over Polly s dad s firm, she isn t just the secretary She s been running the company for years and not getting credit for it It puts her on much equal footing than you see in the usual workplace set HP Cheers for that Even though this couple get their traditional HEA, I can rest happily knowing that Polly will continue being a genius in the workplace, making a name for herself, as she deserves And she gets the man of her dreams Works for me.This review is a rambling fest I guess that s the mood I m in Anyway, I ended up loving this book it s glad I am that this is my first HP read of the new year You were right, Lulu Sarah Morgan has done it again High five `Book ↼ Doukakis's Apprentice ⇻ Wanted Willing Apprentice To Handle Indecently Arrogant But Incredibly Sexy Tycoon With Her Family Business In Crisis Polly Prince Does Her Best To Keep Calm And Carry On But Hard Work Alone Can T Save Her Company From A Takeover By The Infamously Ruthless Damon Doukakisi Or Her Traitorous Body From The Lethal Sensuality Of Her Boss As His New Apprentice, Polly Accompanies Damon To Paris To Negotiate The Business Deal Of Her Life Worse Still, Polly Must At All Costs Resist Damon In The Most Dangerously Romantic City In The World St CENTURY BOSSES Impossible, Infuriating And Utterly Irresistible