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I don t usually read YA, partly because I m OA myself and partly because I find the often simplified language and disturbingly simplified characters to be distracting I did, however, take this on since my wife asked me to she wanted another opinion about it, since she has her students adding it to their reading list I was partly pleasantly surprised there are quite a few plot turns and character traits that you probably wouldn t expect but partly my prejudice showed far too true In the group of initially unknowing witches, we meet quite an interesting character gallery and the good bad, black white is not quite as well defined as is my experience with these books But then there s the only male witch he s gay because gay boys are in touch with their feelings I guess And also, teen girls have sex to numb the pain in their souls and as part of self loathing and angst and self punishment Teen boys have sex because they re horny.Before you bite my head off, I m not saying these things are probably not true in many cases, but ladling out stereotypes are usually considered a no no, so why not break some new ground even in this area Also, and I m thinking this is due to US movies influences, drug use and alcohol abuse is described and consequences thereof are neglected, which I really don t see as a good thing Anyway, I did like the book as a whole and I think I would have enjoyed it even as a teenager, so for the YA readers I recommend it. 4.5 StarsThis book was truly a surprise to me The beginning seemed to make things very simple and basic BUT THEN THINGS GET CRAZY.We have a ragtag group of teenagers in a small town called Engelsfors in Sweden and this gritty and poignant novel is a YA urban witch fantasy with a serious punch It deals with topics like drugs, sex, inappropriate adult child relationships, absent parents, bullying and the list could really go on.I adored this story and how the themes of friendship intertwined with a mysterious magic system.I would recommend going into the story fairly blind so I wont discuss the plot in depth, but if you like witch YA stories, or gritty contemporaries dealing with serious topics I would TOTALLY recommend EPUB ♬ Cirkeln ⚖ Engelsfors Vackert Namn, Risig Stad Omgiven Av Djupa Skogar D R M Nniskor Ofta G R Vilse Och F Rsvinner Sex Tjejer Har Just B Rjat Gymnasiet De Har Inget Gemensamt F Rutom Att En Ur Ldrig Ondska Jagar DemH Stterminen Har Just B Rjat N R En Elev Hittas D D P En Av Gymnasieskolans Toaletter Alla F Rmodar Att Det Var Ett Sj Lvmord Alla Utom De Som Vet SanningenEn Natt D M Nen F Rgats Mystiskt R D F Rs Sex Ton Rstjejer Till Den Nedlagda Folkparken De Vet Inte Hur De Har Kommit Dit Eller Varf R De R D R, Men Utan Varandra Kommer De Inte Att VerlevaDe F R Veta Att De R H Xor De Utvalda, Som N Mns I En Ur Ldrig Profetia Pl Tsligt R Gymnasiet P Liv Och D D Bokstavligt Talat De M Ste L Ra Sig Samarbeta Trots Sina Olikheter, Och Kontrollera De Magiska Krafter Som Vaknat Till Liv Inom Dem Tiden H Ller P Att Rinna Ut De M Ste Hitta Och Besegra Ondskan Som Jagar Dem, Innan Ondskan Hittar Dem This novel kept what it promised, and in the world of youth fiction, that is a quality in itself It was a fantasy adventure with magic and witches It was a coming of age story with a school at its centre.It was a recognisable to Swedish students as a familiar cultural and social setting, with all the typical problems of a Swedish smalltown.It had well crafted and diverse characters.It was full of suspense.Minoo and her friends are, along with Harry and Katniss, the kind of book characters that keep adolescents reading.So credit where credit is due, even though it was purely out of professional interest that I picked it up. Eh, it s alright Wodehouse This was a mixed bag, so let s be nice start with the things I liked Sorry, but caffeine is failing me today This will be a bullet review Grittiness I appreciated that these teenagers swore like normal people I also liked though perhaps it s the wrong word P that they were open about drug use sex It felt realistic Elemental magic The Book of Patterns its magical process was quite interesting, though both were continually pushed aside in favor of teen dwama This magic isn t happy unicorns bunnies it s ectoplasm spit drops of blood There was a very earthy, grounded feel about the wicca scenes Vanessa She was by far my favorite of the girls I loved her Fuck You attitude unapologetic party girl behavior combined with normal human fluctuations re family love she was flamboyant likable despite her flaws.And now, the things I disliked Poorly intro d supernatural powers In contrast to the wicca scenes, the sudden onset of paranormal abilities didn t work And WTF was that ending I hate when authors wedge nebulous soul stuff into their magic It feels like an excuse to create vague deus ex machina resolutionswhich is exactly what happened here Minoo Her actually looking like a Pre Raphaelite painting when she thinks she s so hideous, her good grades family security setting her apart from the others, her trouble making friends, her shyness with boys yawn And of course her magic ends up being the most powerful the least understood What an annoying little Sue Anna Karin I don t care if she was bullied That sucks, but it doesn t excuse her obnoxious passive aggressive behavior The onslaught of minutely described bleakness in everyday actions Apparently this is an important ingredient in contemporary Swedish fiction, but I ll be damned if I see the allure blink Disappearing parent syndrome But it wasn t just the parents all the adults in this town were either absent, drunk, or clueless Whut If the fate of the fucking world is at stake, why wouldn t some of the adults have understood what was going on tried to help The only ones who knew about magic were either senile or too uninformed to actually help the girls Length This book was at least 200 pages too long End of story.It was mildly entertaining better than other YAs, but I ve no interest in reading the other books. This book is like a bad afternoon special.I really wanted to like this book I d been looking for a witchy read lately and I thought this might do the trick, sadly it was not to be Note to self Never, EVER trust a blurb from now on You see the blurb to this book makes it sound like some epic, saving the world supernatural story On the back, it s compared to Buffy, The Secret Circle and even The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo How is it then, that this is NOTHING like any of those GWTDT especially, I mean wtf This novel is 600 pages of melodrama, with about 50 pages of actual witchcraft That was my biggest gripe with the novel, the author doesn t at all seem concerned with the supernatural aspect in the slightest All she seems to care about is teen issues This book is basically an unfunny, Mean Girls lite tale on the dangers of popularity You see, each one of our 5 witches is from a different social group within their school, and ALL the author talks about is how they shouldn t be friends Don t worry though, they will be bff s forever by the end, because that s what type of novel this is, a cheesy one What little there is of a supernatural storyline is ridiculously generic, actually generic might be too kind a word It basically plays out like a murder mystery, yet when the killer is finally revealed, I kid you not, it makes absolutely NO sense None Nada Zilch I felt like I d missed a huge chunk of the novel, and was pulling possibly the biggest wtf face I have ever pulled in my life The author also seems to be OBSESSED with tackling every teen issue under the sun You have some bullying, some anorexia, some abuse, some self harm I mean, do happy people even exist in this novel There were also far to many POV s, 6 characters share the limelight here, and they are all or less interchangeable girls This group needs a definite culling One of them was also possibly the most annoying character I have ever read in YA I didn t know it was physically possible to hate a fictional character this much Honestly, I could complain about this novel for days, but I m just going to leave it at that before I get really bitchy about it Obviously, I do not recommend this one in the slightest DON T TRUST THE BLURB. Real Rating 4.5 starsI have been sitting here and staring at my computer for exactly 47 minutes trying to figure out how to start this review so since I can not think of anything, this is what I shall give youIt took me a while to actually pick up the book and read it, but I did and I am very glad I did And it is not because I have anything against Swedish authors I love Sweden It s just that most of the time, whenever a book this size is published, it often gets patches of booorrriinngg and I just really didn t want to waste my time with a book that is so boring when I could be reading something awesome Well, Sara B Elfgren Mats Strandburg, you did not dissapoint.Summary The Circle is about 6 girls Minno, Vanessa, Linnea, Anna Karin, Rebecka, and Ida who are drawn be an invisible force to an abandoned amusement park during a blood red moon after the apparent suicide of high school student Elias Malmgreen Scared and angry, all the girls start to freak out and leave Ida s body is then taken over by a mystical being and tells the girls that they are fated to fight an ancient evil that is hunting them and, with there guide Nicolaus, they must band together and stop it As the weeks pass, the girls discover that ther have an unique ability and starts exploring their powers The six girls are wildly different and definitely not friendsbut they are the Chosen Ones.The Plot The plot is very intriguing Though the genre is Fantasy, I think it would be easily pass a mystery In the beginning of the book, the plot is a wee bit boring slow, but what can you expect It went from the forced murder suicide of Elias in the first chapter and a witch being capture to moody teenage girls who are naive and oblivious to the world around them It slowly increases in excitement through out the book unlike books that are like lightswitches, switching on and off from memorizing to WTF The Circle does switch through the other girls personalities with out labeling,but it isn t a nuisance Infact, its was quite nice that it didn t often leave at an exciting part to a super annoying apart in which you have to wait 6 chapters inorder to find out what happened to the character The Setting There really isn t much to say about the setting Obviously, it took place in Sweden I couldn t pronouce any of the town names to save my soul I would type them out, but I can t get the proper signs inorder to properly spell out the words The settings were a wee bit boring, but I think that that is the way the author s wanted it to be.CHARACTERS 1 Minoo Minoo is the smart girl in the story She is the girl that nobody hates but is always ignored Minoo is one of the main main characters in the book She is in love with her homeroom teacher Max Minoo has an average self esteem she doesn t think herself pretty and considers herself a pizza face but is somewhat content about who she is She is one of the Chosen One s, but feels left out because she only discovers what she can do at the end while everybody else is discovering there powers quickly and can read there Book of Patterns.2 Vanessa Vanessa is sort of the school slut Though she doesn t sleep with a ton of people, she does have sex a lot, drinks a lot, yells a lot at her parents which is sort of okay since her mother only seems to date worthless and controlling guys and her boyfriend during the book Nicke is no exception She is dating this loser wannabe pimp low life college drop out drug dealer named Wille who she claims says she loves, but when she gets her fortune done, the lady says that their love won t last You discover her ability quite early within the book She is sort of in the popular crowd and loves herself, but is still insecure like basically any regular teenage girl.3 Ida Ida is the popular, classic mean girl in the school who looks perfect Her power is discovered later near the middle of the book She is a big little bit of a kiss up and only does what she thinks will benefit her own needs So basically, if you have ever read about or watched the mean, popular cheerleader who picks on everbody else for fun, then you know what I am talking about.4 Linnea Linnea is the bad girl She is the one who has a crappy life, is always revenge filled, and keeps everyone at a distance She is probably the angriest one in the whole book since her best friend was Elias Throughout the book, her powers are given to you in little snippets, leaving you guessing and wondering, but her power is ultimately revealed near the end of the book.P.S I guessed right Moving on5 Rebecka Rebecka is the leader in the group Her power is announce early within the book Rebecka has the perfect boyfreind, is super pretty, and almost everyone likes her view spoiler Though she is not as perfect as she seems since she has a eating disorder, there are rumours going around, but nothing is concrete to the other students hide spoiler ElCirculoBR Rese a pr ximamente A student died at Engelsfors high school Everyone thinks it s suicide Only a handful of people know that it was, in fact, murder These girls are the Chosen Ones six witches, joined by a guardian who can t remember what he s supposed to do, and a Council who relies on teenagers to do their job Together, they will eventually have to battle evil together They can only stop that if they work together Slight issue here these teenage girls couldn t be any different from one another if they tried.There s Minoo, a nerdy girl who believes she s not good for anything and who has a crush on her teacher Anna Karin, a girl who s been bullied all her life and, when she discovers her new magical powers powers, takes advantage of them to become popular Ida, the mean popular girl who was almost always involved in the bullying of Anna Karin, causing a lot of tension between the two Vanessa, an outgoing girl who s currently dating a drug dealer who s in his twenties Rebecka, the nice popular girl with the nice popular boyfriend and an eating disorder and Linn a, the outcast, a goth girl who was best friends with Elias, the boy who died first It s a very odd but interesting combination, and it s nice to see them struggle to get along Eventually, some unusual friendships develop.There s also the part where each of these girls discover that they have magical powers, and it s interesting to see how they handle it, or how Minoo handles seeing everyone else develop powers while she s left behind Each witch has a different element, and with different elements come different powers Vanessa, for example, can become invisible, while Anna Karin can control people s minds, and Rebecka can set things on fire The Circle is a little hard to get into at first You re introduced to a lot of different girls in the beginning, and it takes a while to separate them from each other It s also clear that this is a translation some things sound a little off, but if you manage to get over that, there s a good chance you ll enjoy this story There are no love triangles, there is no insta love, which I appreciate very much, because obviously is bored to death of those.I did take off a star because there s a lot of teenage drama which I don t always care about the book is nearly 600 pages long so that could ve been reduced, but then again, we get a lot of background information on everyone, which is good too , but the mythology is new ish and it s very exciting to see the girls trying to find the murderer before the murderer finds them.It s also different from your regular YA in the sense that it s uglier , which I think is a typically Swedish trait What I mean by that is that regular YA is always romanticised, everyone s pretty despite them claiming they re plain , and they only get pretty wounds that don t last, so they can all be pretty forever In The Circle, people deal with real life situations like bullying, drugs, and eating disorders They drool ectoplasm, which is not very sexy, but things like that make the book real.It s definitely a book that I will keep for a long time, and I m looking forward to see what happens next. Do you like reading novels that keeps you up into the wee hours of night If you do then make sure to read The Circle, it is a true page turner The Circle is a young adult fantasy that pulls off something that very few fantasy novels manages to do, it manages to somehow be a kind of a contemporary novel at the same time.Sky high expectations In the Nordic countries The Circle has been receiving so much praise that I was actually scared to read it My expectations where sky high and needless to say The Circle had a long way to fall if it did not meet my expectations I m delighted to announced that I DEVOURED The Circle and it is so far among my top 3 novels of 2012 I ve read 50 so far so that s saying something Realistic portrait of teenage life I was glued to the page from the very dramatic beginning, it starts out with a suicide and that was a bit difficult to read about but that s life, it is not always easy There is no sugarcoating in this novel, which is part of why I love it so much, this is real yet this is also fantasy The fantasy element is almost of a background figure in this first novel as we re zooming in on the characters and their life I quite like that and I reckon the fantasy element of the story will be a lot visible in the next two installments.Multiple point of view and it actually works incredibly well Authors Mats Strandberg and Sara B Elfgren have managed to create a great story with several I did not see that one coming moments The characters in this story are all very interesting and each of the six girls has got a unique gift that is important to the task at hand It is drama time when six very different teenage girls are forced together in this way, and what a great drama it was It is wonderful, as well as heartbreaking, to be able to get inside these girls head We got a great variation of characters the seemingly perfect girl, the victim, the quiet one, the kind one and It all resulted in me having to dry of tears from my cheeks several times during this read I must add that one of the girls is a bit of a secret and it is quite clear that the readers will find out a lot about her as the saga of The Chosen Ones continue on.First in a trilogy is there a cliffhanger ending The Circle is the first book in a new trilogy and we all know how those books ends, right Well The Circle does not end with the usual cliffhanger, we get some kind of a solution while we still have than enough loose ends to know there will be a whole lot to look forward to in the next installment Sex, drugs and Rock N Roll not quite but a tiny warning is called for I might add that this book is perhaps most suitable for older teens as it contains both sex nothing very graphic tough and some talk of drinking and drugs In my opinion this is the most real YA novel I ve read of quite some time Also the young adult in this novel is around 17 18 years old.I m pretty sure that this trilogy will get a huge fan base consisting of both young adults and adults Also worth mentioning This Swedish trilogy is translated into 21 languages.Did I manage to tempt you Or did you not notice my enthusiasm there