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i just can't stop reading this, too romantic & tragic great indonesian author. good book... why don't they translate it to english so everyone can enjoy it as well? *sigh* #READ EBOOK ç Ca-Bau-Kan: Hanya Sebuah Dosa · Kisah Tentang Perjuangan Sepasang Anak Manusia Beda Etnis Pada Masamasa Akhir HindiaBelanda Sampai Perjuangan Kemerdekaan Indonesia

"Saya Tidak Marah Kalau Anda, Seperti Lidah Melayu, Kepalang Melafalkan Cabaukan Menjadi Cabo Yang Saya Marah, Kalau Anda Kira Cabaukan Atau Cabo Itu Perempuan Yamg Tiada Bermoral Ini Pembelaan Bukan Hanya Pembetulan" #43 a book that takes place in your hometown
2015 Reading Challenge

The story revolves around Tinung but she's helpless, I understand she did what a woman of her background expected and able to do. But she's just too helpless. Good book...we're just human being..no matter what ethnic you are.. compare to the film, I choose the book!!
sekalian bayangin Jakarta Tempoe Doeloe! If i dont forget, i read before or after Geisha so almost same but not to respect . Good Book!
Good Story!
Great Movie!!

The first time i read Remy Sylado's book! and i fell in love for the first time, as well... yes yes yes I love this.
Especially the part when Tan Peng (I forgot the name) came back and fetched the girl I also forget the name, sorry too lazy to get the book in the hospital (it's a hospital, I guess), after dissapearing.
Uh uh uh, I love those moments.
The only thing that I hate from this book is the way Tan Peng died.
Keracunan? hueh.benci aku. This book is very good. the story is simple, about love between two human in different culturem, Indonesia and China. i recommended you to read this, if you want to know about situation in the past in Semarang. this is become 'the power' of Remy Silado, the author of the books. he knows well that the name of the street used to be. He tells us that, even simple woman if i say Villagers is too rough, ^^ has not simple mind. when a man ask her to marry him, Tinung say no. she say she still live her husband, Tan Pen Liang. then the man asked, how big is your love to him? Tinung answer : i can not mesured it. we can not divided love. love is love. we can divided it. i just love my husband, without knowing how much i love him. hiks2... even uneducated woman can think about that! that is sooooo sweeettt....

for the last time :
read it, read it, read it!!