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!DOWNLOAD E-PUB ♁ Airborne (Airborne Saga, #1) ♫ Avery Knew She Had A Knack For Attracting Trouble, But Even She Is Shocked When A Six Foot Something Harpie Shows Up On Her Doorstep Coping With The Existence Of A Mythological Race Okay Unwittingly Finding Herself In The Middle Of A Vicious Harpie Conflict A Little Less Okay Having To Rely On An Arrogant Harpie Boy Who Gets Under Her Skin Now That Is Something Avery Isn T Sure She Can Handle Rating 1.5 stars I made it to page 78 in the Nook edition, which has 158 pages before I honestly couldn t take it any It wasn t as though it bad Well, it was bad, just not, you know, Ever bad shudder It was just sooooooo draining How I don t know It wasn t slow or anything honestly this book just confuses me You know what I think I ll use this review to sort out my bambozzled mind And to do that, I must go back to were it all began The begining Or as I like to call it, page 1 This book is about Avery Something or other, who after cutting herself on a shell at the beach one day, finds herself embroiled ha ha I love that word It makes me think of steak in the world of harpies And Annnnnnndddddddd that s all I got Do you have anything to add Isaak No Okay then Moving on I have searched my mind long and hard And honestly I can t remember the plot of this book for the life of me The worst part I m not a forgetfull person I mean, not in an creative, imagative, not at all related to real life sorta way Yeah, I ll forget were I put my boots or what I ate for breakfast, but music lyrics and tempos, obscure facts, for instant did you know that snails and worms are genderless , movie quotes And books So the fact that I can t remember this book is bad Like really bad But since I m to lazy to go get the book and refresh myself on the facts, I ll just rant about review the parts I remember One thing I remember the love triangle Oh yes, I remember the love triangle And I hated it But, of course, I hate all love triangles But this one well it just extra special Well, to give props where they are due, most authors have two guys fighting over the main chica character In this one the main character and the evil blonde harpy are fighting over the love interest, Mason By the way that name Mason Is awesome But it s not configueration of the triangle that bothers me It s how the triangle came to be that ticks me off You see Mason is sent to retrieve Avery for some reason or other Anyway, the first time they meet she hates him again, the reasons escapes me Well she ends leaving with him, and he gets hurt or something And she starts to think well maybe he isn t evil incarnate They would have traveled down the path to a causal friendship if it wasn t for Mason You see he starts to lay on the charm, starts flirting with Avery girl But thats not what s so unforgivible If he was honestly attracted to her, single, and tried to get her to like him in return, then I would have gone with it, and probably would have finished this book But he s not Single that is You see Mason is engaged To be married, that is And here he is, flirting up a storm with Avery If it had been an arraged marrige, than I could have dug that But it s not Not by a long shot I forget the specifects obviously , but I pretty sue that their relationship was forbidded, that he killed some dude cause he was standing in the way That he was EXILED for her And then he just randomly starts to flirt with a girl he barely knows AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO sorry but no I honestly doubt that would happen No, just no But Emilee, you say, what love at first sight Well, my lovely reader, you want to hears a secret Love, actual LOVE, NOT lust, or infatuation, but real LOVE, does not happen at first sight Sure there can be attraction, but real love Me no thinks so If you honestly love someone don t you love them for who they are, NOT what they look like And you can t know who someone is by just looking at them, you have to, you know, talk to them You have to get to know them And that right there is my problem with the love triangle in this book and YA PNR books in general And so concludes my rant of the love triangle But even with out this love triangle, I don t know I just found this book boring After all, I can t remember this book for a reason Actually there is one thing I remember A line really She peered across the long referance table to where the Emo Librarian dabbled on the computer Headphones wrapped over his ears That s right an emo librarian Dude that is sooooooooooooo AWESOME I wish I knew an emo librarian Honestly, I think this guy should have been named Mason, and he should have been the MC of the book I would have loved it if the book had been about him But, alas, it wasn t Le Sigh. 2.5 starsInterested in of my reviews Visit my blog StorylineAvery is on summer break visiting her brother in California when she discovers a mysterious shell on the beach As she picks it up she s shocked by a sudden pain and when she drops it the shell shatters into dust Where the shell touched her hand a dark bruise takes its place and starts to spread Once she returns to boarding school, a harpie named Mason shows up on her doorstep demanding she return the shell She eventually shows him her bruise with explanation on how she got it after picking up this mysterious shell and Mason explains to her that it was a shell that contained extremely strong magic and it appears to have been absorbed by her When additional harpies come after her in order to get the shell, she realizes that not all of them are going to ask nicely And once they find out that the magic is now inside her they ll stop at nothing to kill her to prevent the magic from being used Not So FabHighly original and well written, I actually really enjoyed most of this story The story of course centers around Avery and Mason but naturally Mason is engaged The love triangle wasn t overly obnoxious but was enough to elicit a few eye rolls When Avery is first introduced to this new part of her world that she never knew existed she immediately disregards it as bunk and refuses to accept it Understandable But once she begins to accept things it happens immediately and lacked any form of step by step development Lacked in authenticity in my opinion.The writing was as I said well written but considering I had 2nd edition copy I would have expected less grammatical errors It wasn t enough to truly impact the writing of the story but it was enough to become a bit of an eyesore I understand that this is an Indie self published novel but I would ve hoped for a story that didn t appear to have skipped any sort of editing process Final ThoughtsI m not invested enough to continue this particular series but the writing style was enough for me to consider picking up future books by this author she definitely showed promise Recommended for YA fantasy lovers and anyone looking for a new, original take on the paranormal world. Lots of typos and strange phrasing.The writing style was disruptive and the narrative confusing.I think I re read the first part 5 times before I got a hang of it.I also questioned the main characters decision to take a walk late at night with a complete stranger And after he attacks her she remains surprisingly unaffected and accepting of all the strange things hes telling her about magic and harpies I also wished the naming of the harpies had been a bit imaginative Mason,Jericho,Eve,Rafale I thought harpies originated in greek myth I recognized the difficulty of having a friend date someone you dislike though her friend didnt seem to have self respect,letting her crush hit on her best friend while she was in the same room So could sympathize with that But at best the characters came across as flat.The concept of harpies was interesting though,too bad the author failed in execution I suggest getting an editor and make the plotting tight. I honestly fell in love with this book I love the characters and the plot I cant pick a favorite character but I can say I will be buying the sequel when ever it comes out I wish i could give than a 5 star rating I will be honest I just bought this book because it was only 1.99 but it was worth 10 dollars if you asked me I love this book. Airborne was a book of it s very own I really haven t read anything really like it I have seen great reviews on said book, however, it did nothing for me This was a book that won t leave you with a lasting impression or one that lingers in your thoughts weeks down the road Positives The cover is beautifulNegatives Harpies unique but I have a hard time finding a bird like man very sexysorry Seriously Those talon like fingers I d run and hide I am really over the whole Ithinkilikehimbutidontknowifhewouldeverlikeme thing O V E R I TOther than that, the writting flowed well and the action kept your attention I realy, really wanted to like this book but it fell short for me. I have fallen head over heels for this series I have had both Airborne and Grounded on my Nook since January and never got around to having time to get into both of them and this weekend was a perfect opportunity And, I would like to add, I am almost GLAD I waited, because as soon as I finished book one I had to jump right into book two, so it s good that I waited until I could stay up for hours on end to finish Airborne follows Avery returning to her school in Alaska after a summer with her brother in California Upon her return to Mayweather Academy for her senior year, and within the first PAGE I was hooked I love openings to books that get you right away and I mean get you like hook, line and line and line The overall concept for this book revolves around harpies, which in all my Mythological knowledge, I lacked any understanding of This turned out to not really matter as my post reading research has turned up with stuff that would have utterly confused me if I had known prior to starting Let s just say that Constance Sharper s version of the harpie world is much better It was such a creative, distinctly original concept and contributed greatly to my new found love for this series I will let you know though, that the harpy are the only Mythological concept within this book, there is no venture into other concepts, so don t go into reading thinking you will be immersed in a Mythology setting, cause it s not.I will warn you that Constance Sharper is a self published author, so editing could use some improvement, but things like that I can look past while reading, because to me, it s not about grammar and punctuation, it s about the story Yes, yes I understand that we are reading works of writing, but when you pick up self published titles you have to have an equal understanding of forfeiting editing for knock out finds, and this is definitely a knock out Best thing overall, ACTION ACTION ACTION It didn t stop, there were no lolls in chapters where you are just reading dialog or character thought that drags on The story keeps going and never lets you sit back in your seat to take a breather I think part of this stems from excellent character development To me a huge contributing factor in staying hooked in a book is making sure that each character is fully vested in their initial mannerisms Now, this doesn t mean that characters can t grow as the book and or series progresses, but it means that you can t let the character forget their roots the end of the book needs to reflect characters who may have grown emotionally, but not CHANGE the way they act and talk Constance Sharper was 100% in line with her characters and never faltered in remembering who they were and how they act Sharper also managed to do something with the main characters that I have never experienced before She created a female lead that meets my high expectations, she created a male lead love interest that I never fell for, but still love, and a female 2nd lead BF to the lead that I love to hate sounds interesting, right That s because it is and it is one of the things I fell in love with most with this book.Quick overview of main characters Avery is the type of heroine that I like to read, she s strong, slightly forward and I just love female leads that aren t whiney and scared She s strong and I definitely fell right in pace with her.Mason tall, dark, mysterious, slightly aggressive and while most YA authors fight to make you swoon for the male lead, I have to admit, I never fell for Mason In my mind it worked out well, because it keeps me reading to see the relationship grow and try and understand Avery s passion So, maybe it will come, and I will swoon as usual Leela well, Leela and I have a love hate relationship I love to hate her I m not sure why, I still cannot pin point the exact reason that I have this feeling And while I love to hate her, I love to read her Another extremely amazing thing about Constance Sharper s writing, it is not very frequently that I hate a character, but love to read them I just think there is something buried under Leela that will come out I will just have to sit back and wait Fast pace, action, romance, harpies, suspense, kick ass girl heroine, what else could you ask for in one book Nothing so go pick it up or download it, ASAP, a definite must read Review by Sliced Open ReviewsSource Purchased This novel has the making of being great This book is different from the litter of YA novels that have been coming out lately, especially since it adds a new creature into the mix, Harpies The story is very unique and nothing short of imaginative I love all the action within this book, and all the twists and turns this novel takes.Avery is a normal teen thrown into the vicious world of Harpies when magic passes from an amulet into her This is something no one has ever seen before in the world of harpies, and they instantly see her as a threat Mason comes to Avery to get the amulet from her when he discovers that Avery is now the containment for the magic Mason and Avery then take a journey to help find a way for Avery to rid herself of the magic before the other harpies have a chance to kill her for it view spoiler This novel is nothing short of adventurous It is constant action in this book with the other harpies trying to get the magic for themselves from Avery There is a bunch of scenes where Avery is being yanked off the ground and becoming Airborne Of course, this usually ends with her becoming almost instantly Grounded Ha ha, the next book is called Grounded, so I just had to say it, but that s just a really lame joke, sorry Anyways, the book is full of a ton of action, plus Avery s budding feelings for Mason are much believable than other books It slowly develops from a small admiration for his beauty, to a small crush from his acts of helping her, and finally into a full blown crush after several times of Mason saving her hide spoiler I m guessing this is a self published novel The writing was horribly awkward and forced, and barely a Kindle page went by without a serious editing error e.g past instead of passed, ceased instead of seized, not to mention the sense that the author lacks even a basic understanding of when to use a comma Overall, it read like something a 7th grader would write and get a B on, due to all the grammar and punctuation errors.The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is that the story is somewhat interesting, particularly for a YA audience If this story had been written by someone who could write or, as the author might say, right , it might have been quite good. First impression when I got the book I hate the font of the front and back cover, a lot It looked unprofessional First impression when I read the blurb Wow, this sounds pretty good I like the change of supernatural creatures, and harpies are definitely something that has not been written about, except maybe in the House of Night series by P.C Cast.The Review This book was surprised me The blurb sounded like it had so much potential I did not have high expectations for this book, I just treated it like any other book I would read But Airborne was bad 1 I did not like the author s writing style at all Her writing style was very much like what you would read on story sites like Booksie or Quizilla, and it was quite amateurish 2 I do like the girl meets boy then falls in love idea that is present in almost every teen fiction book nowadays However, the plot for this book was so badly written that I just couldn t finish the book Avery meets Mason, who is looking for a magic amulet she happened to pick up while at the beach in California Acceptable But when she starts being attracted to him and just feeling as though she s quite infatuated with him, that s where I draw the line They ve only spent about a total of three days with each other And half of that time was spent running away from thieves, meaning that the interaction between them was quite limited And the sentence in the blurb about handling an arrogant harpie boy who gets under her skin , made me think that Mason had this hot cold, bad boy attitude going on But he is completely different in the actual story I found him cold, stone cold Further, the plot was also confusing most of the times, and I had to go back and reread some parts, even though I was already reading at a considerably slow place This book was way too fast paced for me, and the action scenes.I doubt you can even call it that.3 Last but not least, the characters I don t like any of them, except maybe for Mason s sister At least you or less knew what her intentions were, and so did she I couldn t connect with Avery no matter how hard I tried She complained too much, worried too much, and has no taste in boys And her friend, Leela, are they friends or frenemies I didn t understand the relationship between these two, and it would have been nice if the author developed of her characters I did not finish reading this book, but I will, because I don t like reading books halfway So I ll finish it, and the rest of my review will be up by the end of this year I ve read about half of the book, and from what I ve read, my advice It is really not worth the read I was very influenced by the good reviews, and I thought that I should give this book a chance, and that the bad reviews were just really harsh commentators However, I see that I was gravely mistaken Dear reader, don t make the same mistake.