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Part historical novel, part spy novel, part romance, this book has a good story A young woman grows up in poverty in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War She works as an apprentice to her mother in a dress making shop in Madrid She sees another world as she goes in servant entrances to mansions making deliveries of dresses Her awareness of these two worlds influences her when she reaches marriage age because she dumps the local guy who loves her and she runs off with a con man who is fleeing the police because of various frauds he s pulled off They flee across the Strait of Gibraltar to Spanish Morocco After she experiences a brief time of living life with the jet set, he dumps her, stealing what money she had and leaving her stunned, pregnant and responsible for a huge hotel bill This is when the real story begins She can t run home to mother because the police won t let her leave until she pays off the bill Anyway, travel between the two countries is essentially cut off because of the War I m not really giving away a lot of plot as we know all this very early in the book Spanish Morocco is a lot exotic than it sounds think Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tangier, Fez, Rabat She encounters a jumble of nationalities including various Arabic groups, Spanish, French, British, Jews, Germans, Moroccans, Russians Some speak Haketia, an ancient but dying language of Sephardic Jews Our heroine settles into a boarding house run by a tough, street smart woman who takes her under her wing and helps her set up her own dress making shop At the communal dining table every night the violent political arguments out foreshadow the Spanish Civil War The Rif War, Spanish and French against Berber hill forces, has just ended, which in a roundabout way led to the Civil War in Spain Despite the easy reading style, this is a serious historical novel with than 50 scholarly works in the bibliography The Germans are cultivating Spain and Portugal as Allies Although both countries remained neutral in WW II, their dictators, Franco and Salazar, were essentially rooting for Hitler and Mussolini Spanish Morocco is loaded with German businessmen and military men This is when the second phases of her life begins As a dress maker to the stars she is in a perfect position to overhear gossip about upcoming events, the where and whens and who will be there She is approached by British intelligence to become a spy and she agrees Eventually she is sent back to Madrid and to Lisbon to open a shop and to spy In this world, everyone is suspect She starts falling in love with an Englishman doing business with the Germans Is he a British agent A German agent A double agent A good read all the way through It kept my interest for all 600 pages. Being an English Major I am very critical of literature I will pick a book a part because I can I began reading this because it was ent to me to review I wasn t looking forward to it at all I was actually dreading it So I began reading it with a terrible attitude knew I was going to be critical probably unjustly in my review.I began the book while waiting for a doctor s appointment with a doctor who is routinely at least 1 hour behind schedule I had to keep rereading the beginning because I was zoning out and my attention was straying But after a bit I began to like the book I was determined to NOT love it because I was in a terrible mood.I closed it for my appointment to discover I was missing it I couldn t wait to get home to read it again I read it straight through It is amazing So don t judge the book by its synopsis which makes it sound boring This book is very well written It takes a truely talented writer to pen a book like this It flows smoothly like a glass of good wine And it will intoxicate you whether you want it to or not You will become drunker with each page Sure this is a historical novel it will educate the reader on the history of the 30 s and 40 s But it will draw you in and make you care about the characters and regret when the book ends.This book is so wonderful I would love to see it made into a nice movie.SO read, devour each word because it ends too soon and will haunt you for days afterwards wanting and thinking about the characters as if they are real people. Wow I devoured this book It pretty much hit all the right notes for me exotic places, a little romance but not too much , spies, MI6, deception, and fashion I always seem to resonate with the international bestsellers The Far Pavillions is a favorite, as is Perfume Anyway, I recommend this book highly With two full time jobs, a child, and a novel that I m revising, the fact that I finished it in three days should sufficiently recommend it. So, I actually got 400 pages into this one before deciding to put it down for good Why didn t I finish The book is 600 pages long, and the action part of the book spying doesn t get started for 350 pages The first half of the book is all character development and set up Unfortunately, 400 pages into the book, I really don t have a good idea who our heroine is She says she s uneducated, yet is some sort of social chameleon who gets by on faking her way through everything And you know, that s actually pretty interesting, but we never get to see it play out It s all telling the reader about it after the fact many scenes are written as Sira telling us generally what happens as time passes, but we don t actually see the scenes, read the dialogue, or get any action Lots and lots of general plot summary, not as much plot exposition I think that reading about spying using a fancy dressmaking business as a cover makes a great story However, after 400 pages I don t think I m actually going to get to read that story, but only a summary of it In addition to our heroine being sort of a cipher, I was looking forward to descriptions of Spanish Protectorate Morocco, Madrid, and all sorts of other romantic locations None of the locations really came alive for me, and the descriptions didn t transport me there Maybe that s a function of the book being translated from Spanish, but that didn t help my reading experience I wanted to read details about the colors of fabric and fashion in the 30 s It s not usually my kind of thing, but knowing the book was about that subject I was ready for the visuals Never got those either I got the feeling that dressmaking was a convenient way for the main character to make a living for plot purposes, but not that the author had researched history of fashion or sewing in detail So, lots of possibilities, not a book which delivered on them for me After 400 pages, I m ready to read something else. A Tad Long But Overall A Pleasant Read.This novel begins in Spain just before World War II It was a commendable book although a tad long where some chapters could have been condensed to keep the reader from becoming bored The main character Sira, was a dressmaker for several rich women who were married to high ranking German officials While Sira created outfits for these women, she would listen to their gossip and soon found herself taking a much different direction in life than she could ever have imagined In general it is a pleasant read overall. I, in some small degree, ruined this book for myself by reading another book also set in Morocco at the same time TTIB deserves to be read singularly It provides for the reader a wonderfully insightful look at Spain and Morocco in the 1930s, setting in place events regarding the involvement of the Germans as they struggled to influence the Spanish government In the middle of all this is Sira, a talented seamstress who finds herself in the unenviable position of spying for the British government which is also jostling for Spain s favours 4.5 As it takes place during the Spanish Civil War albeit seen from the distance of North Africa and World War II, I was very interested in the setting of the book, as I don t know much about what was going on in Spain during this period The premise is very promising a young, poor Spanish seamstress is ruined by love and has to create herself anew as a seamstress to the high society of Tunisia I was interested during the first two parts of the book, especially as world events start to creep into her world However, I just couldn t continue reading in Part III Spoiler Alert The heroine becomes a British spy and I presume the rest of the book follows her adventures as an agent But there was no real reason why she became a spyshe wasn t politically involved, she wasn t looking for financial reward, there was no incentive to save a person or a country she loved She did it because her best friend, an Englishwoman and a real historical character, wanted her to and her mother, without any real explanation, says she thinks it s a good idea She had no skin in the game so to speak, no passion, no real emotional involvement in the cause, so I ceased to care. I love a good historical novel This one has elements I am familiar with Germans and Nazis, mixed with elements I knew little about the Spanish Civil War, the leadership bought by the Nazis and how the Allies dealt with attempts to keep Spain out of WWII.There are four parts to the book but all are told by Sira s perspective Sira is a humble seamstress in Madrid, helping in the shop where her mother works She learns skills, is promoted, meets a nice boy, gets engaged then runs off with another man who is not a good man and leaves her to fend for herself This part is setting the stage for what Sira does next and explains her reasons for not seeking romantic involvement, and explains how she winds up in Morocco.Meanwhile, back in Spain, a horrendous war is raging between two factions One political party has the money and support of the Nazi party, which I was unaware When the war ends and the dust settles, the citizens of Spain are war weary, hungry, and desperate The political history of this part of Spain was new information to me I had a difficult time keeping all the characters and their affiliations straight but this is key to Sira s endeavors.The author uses actual people who were instrumental to the rebuilding of Spain after this war and the beginning of WWII Sira opens a dress shop and becomes good friends with Mrs Rosalinda Fox, the mistress of a high ranking political figure in Spain She rubs shoulders with Franco and his brother in law, overhears conversations not meant for her ears and eventually this comes in handy.It is an interesting book because it is so well researched and includes information on the role of Spain and the political pulse at the time of Hitler s rise It is also quite human in that Sira comes alive within the pages of the story and her struggles with her own identity are realistic The characters from both Morocco and Madrid are well developed and entertaining Candeleria and Felix.Good, educational, and solid writing. {BOOK} ô El tiempo entre costuras ç The Time In Between Is A Word Of Mouth Phenomenon That Catapulted Mar A Due As, A Debut Author, To The Top Of Spain S Bestseller ListsThis Sweeping Novel, Which Combines The Storytelling Power Of The Shadow Of The Wind With The Irresistible Romance Of Casablanca, Moves At An Unstoppable Pace Suddenly Left Abandoned And Penniless In Morocco By Her Lover, Sira Quiroga Forges A New Identity Against All Odds She Becomes The Most Sought After Couture Designer For The Socialite Wives Of German Nazi Officers But She Is Soon Embroiled In A Dangerous Political Conspiracy As She Passes Information To The British Secret Service Through A Code Stitched Into The Hems Of Her Dresses I will have a full review on FBC in early November and I will c p it here so for now several quick points the book is indeed a page turner and you never really know when time passes reading it I was shocked to see it ending and I could have read another 600 pages easily the ending is good and satisfying but the book could have gone on for a while for sure a first narration and the voice starts a bit slow one thing I cannot abide is silly narrators and for the first 70 80 pages Sira makes some really dumb decisions that one can see for a mile that are dumb and in an obvious way but then it gets its footing about page 80 or so and it never looks back the book though is detached and tension less than i expected it has its emotional moments for sure, but fewer than I would have liked the outside world is especially colorless Sira is a very strong character, later there is one intriguing character though she has only a limited number of pages, while only in the final 100 pages some secondary characters come to life, but overall the book lacks strong characters beyond Sira.Overall a page turner but a much lighter novel than i expected based on its blurb and advanced word, so a very good read but not a really memorable blow me away one like say last year s The Invisible BridgeFBC Rv INTRODUCTION Maria Duenas holds a PhD in English Philology and is currently a professor at the University of Murcia She has also taught at American universities, is the author of several academic articles, and has participated in various educational, cultural, and editorial projects After her immensely successful novelistic debut in 2009 in Spain with El Tiempo entre Costuras translated this year as The Time in Between, she is currently working on her second novel Between Youth and Adulthood.At age twelve, Sira Quiroga sweeps the atelier floors where her single mother works as a seamstress At fourteen, she quietly begins her own apprenticeship By her early twenties she has learned the ropes of the business and is engaged to a modest government clerk But everything changes when two charismatic men burst unexpectedly into her neatly mapped out life an attractive salesman and the father she never knew The Time in Between has been translated by Miguel Saenz.OVERVIEW ANALYSIS A huge bestseller in Europe, The Time in Between intrigued me quite a lot when I read its blurb and the praise offered to it in various places I asked for and was lucky to get an e arc from the publishers and on opening the novel I was swept by its voice and narrative flow, so despite what turned into a somewhat rough first 50 pages, I kept turning the pages A typewriter shattered my destiny The culprit was a Hispano Olivetti, and for weeks, a store window kept it from me Looking back now, from the vantage point of the years gone by, it s hard to believe a simple mechanical object could have the power to divert the course of an entire life in just four short days, to pulverize the intricate plans on which it was built And yet that is how it was, and there was nothing I could have done to stop it The Time in Between is a first person narration from Sira Quiroga who is raised by her single seamstress mother in the Madrid of the 20 s and 30 s After the opening paragraph above that hooked me on the style, the novel slows down for a while one thing I cannot abide is silly narrators and for the first 40 50 pages Sira makes some really dumb decisions that one can see for a mile that are dumb in an obvious manner, so while the actions of the heroine are understandable somewhat as due to lack of maturity, etc, they are presented in the novel in quite an annoying fashion However once we get past the we ve seen it coming, now let s get on with the real story moment, The Time in Between gets its footing and it never looks backThe Time in Between flows so well that despite its 600 page length I was shocked to see the novel ending and I could have read another 600 pages easily actually the ending is good and satisfying to a large extent but the book could have gone on for a while for sure Maria Duenas sure knows how to spin a story and I would say that she proved here to be one of those natural born storytellers that the audience can listen to for a long timeThe other main strength of the novel beside the voice and the narrative flow, is the world building or if you want the recreation of the atmosphere of the Spanish Marocco and later Madrid in the turbulent years from 1936 to the 1940 s Filled with expatriates, intrigue, even decadence but also with poverty and anger, the main cities of Tangier and Tetouan where the action takes place in the first part of the novel come fully to life and we see quite a few facets as Sira s fate twists and turns This part is exceptional once we pass the first 50 pages.Later when the action moves back to the Iberian mainland and to a Madrid devastated by the civil war and sullenly hunkering down under the new order, the atmosphere becomes bleaker but the optimistic voice of Sira never falters.As slight negatives, The Time in Between is detached and tension less than I expected it has its emotional moments for sure, but fewer than I would have liked While Sira is a very strong character and the novel is her story after all, the secondary characters wax and wane through it with pages where indeed there appear others who are quite impressive, but also pages where only Sira seem real.Overall The Time in Between A , highly recommended as an example of superb storytelling ability is a page turner but a lighter novel than I expected based on its blurb and advanced word, so an excellent read but not a blow me away one like say last year s The Invisible Bridge.