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Cole Reese and Jolie Tanner have an unfortunate history Cole s father and Jolie s mother had a long term affair that everyone in their town was aware of It didn t help that Cole s mother did everything in her power to make things difficult for Jolie So when Jolie hears she ll be sharing a gondola ride down the mountain with Cole she is less than thrilled It would ve been bearable if it weren t from the avalanche and the snowstorm It s one thing to stay civilized and polite during a ten minute ride and a totally different story when you re stranded together and have to share body heat so you could stay warm With close proximity sparks come along And they are hard to resist.Cole spent most of his life trying to prove that he s not his father It really doesn t help he fell for the daughter of his father s mistress He s a bit self centered and compromise isn t something he understands, but he s also patient and gentle and willing to fight for something, or someone, he wants.The only thing Jolie wants to do is to get away from all the people that know of her mother s relationship Don t get me wrong she loves her mother, but sometimes she simply doesn t understand her choices And then she fell in love with Cole And she understood.I really liked Jolie Even with her fears and the fact she left Cole alone to fight dragons, she was willing to step back and take a good look at her life I love the way she came to the conclusion that Cole is worth it Her pictures and her thoughts while she painted them made me cry.Rating 5 starsARC received form NetGalley Absolutely Loved it,the story is similar as After the Night ,liked Cole a lot and my heart went out to Jolie she suffered so much for no fault of hers,Cole Jolie Hannah all have known each other from childhood,Hannah Jolie were BFF but cause of actions of their parents Hannah broke her frindship with Jolie even Cole reacted badly which had an impact on Jolie after that she became a loner did nt make much friends earned a reputation of a Whore for no reason it became very difficultafter few years Cole s father dies that is when Cole Jolie meet again they get stuck up in at mountain,Jolie saves Cole s life and they end up spending the night together but they decide to act as if it never happened,Cole now realises that how his action has affected Jolie and regrets it,he even finds out how Jolie and his mother never took a penny from his father and then he is at cross roads there s his attraction for Jolie and other side is his family,amidst all the issues and hurdles,Cole knows what they have is not a mere attraction its much then that but before exploring it they have to balance out the lack of trust from between them,they start spending time together,they realise their love for each other but still they have to first surpass the issues but their love wins and they have their HEAI really adored and respect Jolie,she is one strong woman never once did she became weak she fought through and won,Cole was a jerk in the beginning but he comes to his senses soon,really enjoyed scenes between Cole Jolie,their banters,disliked Hannah a little but overall enjoyed the book a lotGood readRecommend it [Read Epub] ☨ The Man She Loves to Hate - ♰ Three Reasons To Keep Away From Cole Rees My Mom Had A Scorching Affair With His Dad Just Think How Awkward That Meet The Family Would Be His Arrogance Drives Me Mad He Might Be A Gorgeous Billionaire, But I Hate How He Knows It Every Time He Touches Me I Go Up In Flamesand It S Utterly TerrifyingCome On, A Fling With The Man I Love To Hate Like That Would Ever Work Out This is a Quickie Review For the full review, please visit The Romanceaholic.Expected Release Date July 26, 2011Publisher HarlequinImprint Harlequin Presents ExtraAuthor s Website kellyhunter.comMy Source for This Book NetgalleyPart of a Series No, but part of the Dirty Filthy Money Extras Series Best Read In Order N ASteam Level SteamyOkay the official blurb is pretty awful While it covers the main points, it almost makes the book seem as though it will have a first person POV and it most decidedly does not.When Jolie Tanner was young, her best friend Hannah Rees suddenly turned on her at the urging of her brother Cole, without so much as an explanation So, too, did all of her other friends at school Unable to understand what she had done to cause all of her friends to shun her, she went crying to her mother, only to discover that her mother was the cause of the problem You see, her mother was having an affair with a married man James Rees, Hannah s father.For the rest of her years, Jolie was treated as the daughter of a whore, fighting a reputation that she d never earned and certainly didn t deserve The fact that she was the spitting image of her mother gorgeous, redheaded, and innately sensual only made things worse for Jolie.Now a talented graphic artist, she has built a modest life for herself relying on her own hard work and talent When James dies, she travels up to his old ski lodge to retrieve her mother s items from the cabin before his family is forced to see them Of course, things are never as simple as we might want them to be, and on the way down the mountain, not only is there a brutal snowstorm blowing in, but she must share the last ski gondola with the last man on earth who could tolerate her presence Cole Rees, the son of the man whose marriage her mother wrecked so many years ago.Trying and failing to hide her identity from Cole, their animosity and resentment towards each other reaches a boiling point just as the storm raging outside reaches its own peak, and their gondola crashes to the ground during an avalanche Wounded and at risk for hypothermia, they reluctantly join forces to reach the safety of one of the ski outposts before they freeze to death.Emotions are running high, and neither can resist the sparks of attraction crackling between them, and in the short wait for their rescuers, both are not only blindsided by the level of passion they find together, but also by the realization of just how much they ve misjudged one another.But can Cole and Jolie put aside the hostilities of the past, and build a future together when it will only bring pain to their families In the end, I absolutely adored this one A beautiful heroine who knows that she s attractive but is also painfully shy and despises the reaction that her looks attract was quite appealing, and of course, the Enemies to Lovers ploy is an all time favorite of mine There was also something lushly sensual about this book despite the fact that there were few graphic love scenes, and watching Jolie s mother quietly grieving for her dead lover was strangely poignant even though I couldn t help but to disapprove of her actions.Recommended for fans of enemies who fall in love, heroines with an undeserved bad reputation and the cynicism that goes along with it, and selfish heroes who recognize that while sometimes you can t have it all, you can have what s most important to you.A very solid 4.5 5 Stars Another winner from Kelly Hunter If you just ignore the little continuity errors that concern their ages at various points in the book, this is a great story The characters seem so real as do the emotions There are some amusing moments and the physical connection between Jolie and Cole is very hot The hero is a great guy who sees what he wants and refuses to listen to any reasoning that doesn t get him the heroine The whole story line about their parents being involved in an affair was different and I thought it was handled well The writing was super as always from KH and I continue to wish she would move up to the regular mass market world. I m still wondering what I didn t like it as much as I initially thought I would Here are some possible reasons a Cole was almost an adult when he pushed Jolie away from Hannah He should have known better b Having pushed Jolie away from Hannah, I found it weird that he lusted after her all the time and still treated her like % all that time.c The switch on Cole s side from I wish you were dead well, almost to I can t live w o you based on ONE physical encounter just made it a very temporary affair in my eyesd Although both Cole and Jolie are witty, I never got the sense that they discussed anything other than the problems plaguing their respective families I wonder what they re gonna do now that that issue s resolved cuz all I got from them in that area was them going at it non stop when they were alone.e Jolie s name I m sorry, I just conjured up Angelina and it didn t work for the story cuz she s portrayed as such a man stealer not gonna publicize my views on that but you get my negative intonation.May be it was deliberate, I dunno.Nicely written book which kept my interest but most of the book dealt with the family issues and not enough angst or repentance, I guess. Originally posted at have tears in my eyes as I write this because the ending of this story was so beautiful, romantic and it made me feel like I needed to hug somebody I simply had to write this review right away If a reader is looking for a book with characters they can believe in, then The Man She Loves to Hate is a winner The title can be a bit misleading, making a reader think it s going to be full of angst, darkness and over the top conflict It s not In fact, it s about hope, redemption, determination and a celebration of life Oh don t get me wrong, there is a deep emotional conflict that colors and influences some of the actions in the book but what I found gratifying is the hero and heroine not succumbing to its poison I am thrilled that Ms Hunter wrote a story that is focused on two people falling in love in spite of and despite the past, the community perception of the heroine and the legacy of the hero s father I loved how the author set up Jolie and Cole to meet again later in life in a situation that stripped away all of those nasty lies and gave them an almost clean slate to work with It was the first time either saw each other for who they really were or who they could be, if they could only break the shackles of their mutual painful past And what I liked was their willingness to try That took guts, courage and of course, a healthy dose of lust and passion didn t exactly hurt I liked Jolie a lot I got the biggest kick out of her job What a fun profession, although it s clear from the book that she worked hard at it and it s not without challenges as well as triumphs She got there on her own through sheer determination and grit The heroine is a strong character despite her internal doubts and insecurity Jolie hides them well but the reader will see so much I enjoyed the creative outlet that the author gave the heroine when emotions were at a fevered pitch It was insightful, fascinating and actually entertaining And I adored and I know I wore a loopy grin when Cole made his comment about how he wanted one of the pictures to look As for Cole, I have to give the guy credit Okay, like Ms Hunter, because she created a character worth rooting for, and worth admiring Cole knows the score So much is at stake and it s not just his heart And yet, the blinders come off throughout the course of the story and his worth as a hero grew before my eyes He used to be just as cynical and condemning as the rest of his family and peers until that fateful day His whole world turned on its axis when he figured out that the situation wasn t exactly what he was told Since he was a kid, he d been hurting inside bleeding for what he thought was lost As an adult, Cole found out some truths and I was so proud of him when he stood up for what he knew was right and for what he wanted It was such a powerful moment in the book and Ms Hunter did it justice The ending and wrap up is what bowled me over Everything that happened before fed into that ending making it one of the most poignant and beautiful reunions of two lovers ever The dialogue, the passion, and the vibrant feelings the author brought them all to life, and it left me blubbering into a tissue with happy tears misting my eyes There was even humor and my favorite part was the shower stall Those poor tiles what a genius idea And then there was the part in the gondola Jolie was so cheeky What fun The Man She Loves to Hate is a huggable and lovable book Romance readers are in for a treat while they watch two unlikely people fall in love against all odds with a passion and honesty that will stand the test of time Ms Hunter has written a book that touched my heart If this is a sample of her consistent writing style, then I want I enjoyed her voice and the way she told this story I guarantee that I ll be looking for additional books from this talented author. Jolie Tanner and Hannah Rees are best friends and Jolie has a bit of a childhood crush on Hannah s brother Cole.This friendship comes to an end when a long lasting affair between her mother Rachel and their father James is made public he remains married to his wife for the Rees company Ever since that people treat the Tanners differently, especially Jolie.The affair continues till James dies.Jolie goes up to the cabin that James and Rachel used as their meeting place to collect things and takes the last gondola off the mountain.In the gondola with her is Cole, she hopes he doesn t recognize her with a big hatt covering her unmistakable Tanner red hair , goggles and ski clothes on.But he doesWhen the forces of nature puts them together in an avalanche, Cole has to change his opion about Jolie, instead of hating her, he is severly attracted to her.After they spend the night together in a cabin, where they hide from the snowstorm, they begin a scorching affair.Jolie has trust issues because of the past and Cole is the right person to help her with that Can Cole and Jolie get past their fears and differences their families have and find their own HEA This was the first book i read by Kelly Hunter and i absolutely loved it Her writing style is really refreshing and the characters she created were very real to me I could feel the chemistry between them spark and the book drew a big smile on my face Cole and Jolie were very likeable characters to me, i had no choice but to love them and understand them.This book is really romantic Kelly Hunter goes on my favorite author list and i will be getting of her books Queensland Gondola Man oh man I love my GoodReads app Who said I m not ready for the New Millennium I went out in the rain yesterday to run an errand for a friend I figured, while I was out and about, I d stop at the library yeah, twist my arm I checked out the Friends of the Library for sale books and there were a bunch of Harlequin Presents my guilty pleasure I used my iPod Touch and connected to GoodReads I was able to see there were a bunch of 4 and 5 star reviews for this one entered by my friends from the Harlequin Presents Readers group, so I picked it up So glad I did I m a sucker for a trapped in a snow storm theme This one is funny and poignant and well worth the 50 I spent even Reader Beware Some people don t like the adultery theme, but it is NOT between the main protagonists. I enjoyed The Man she loves to hate Jolie Tanner s friends deserted her when it came out that her mother was having an affair with a married man and that has coloured her life ever since, people don t want to know her, they only judge her by the past and her looks, but she s learnt to deal with it, with different masks to hide her shyness, she doesn t trust that easily and doesn t work and stay in town.She comes to comfort her mother after James Reese dies Her mother loved him, and he loved her but his wife s bitterness stood in the way Jolie is stranded with Cole Reese, his son, who she had a crush on She gives him a nice piece over not knowing the truth and making judgments before knowing the whole truth.I enjoyed the writing and the book, Cole was a good guy, he supported Jolie and didn t care that his family stood in the way I enjoyed Jolie as well, how strong she was, how caring It didn t seem like a HP to me when I read it, the characters were not jerks, nor that arrogant instead they felt real.