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Disturbed..dark..l couldn t endure it..I can t give King one star..but I only give it when I fail to continue any novel.It is about an old Nazi and a completely disturbed teenagerwith tons of violencethere is a dark movie about it..both of them for strong ruthless hearts. What would you do if you found out your neighbor was a Nazi and wanted war criminal Most people I would HOPE would immediately turn him in But not Todd Bowden, the young main character of our story Todd Bowden is a deeply disturbed individual He decides to blackmail his Nazi neighbor into telling him about all the unspeakable acts he committed The neighbor going by the alias Arthur Denker was a SS officer and he was in charge of efficiency at a Nazi death camp and he was very very good at his job He was responsible for thousands of murders After the fall of Hitler, Arthur like a lot of other Nazi collaborators fled to South America but eventually ended up in America Apt Pupil is less a horror novel andof a character study of two truly evil people Arthur the Nazi despite being elderly is still an truly heinous person and Todd is a monster in the making I liked this book but I understand why a lot of people don t Apt Pupil is a slow build Not a lot happens during the bulk of the book but I felt that the slow way the story was told added to the sense of dread and unease I felt I watched the film YEARS ago for one reason and reason only..Brad Renfro R.I.P I had such a huge and probably unhealthy crush on him when I was a pre teen I had no business watching this film when I was like 11 but.BRAD RENFRO No rec because I don t think this book is for everyone but if you prefer a slowercharacter driven read, pick up Apt Pupil I think you ll like it. . DNF 50 pagesThis was one of those weird cases where a book was disturbing and well written, but I struggled with how dull I found it I spent several nights trying to get into what was happening and failing miserably each time So this creepy little white bread kid is way into Nazi stuff, and he blackmails an old Nazi dude into reliving the experiences Ehhhh I just wasn t feeling it.Maybe I ll come back to it later Santo Donato , , ,, ,, ,, , , , ,, , , ,Hint Todd TodStephen King , , , . This was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful and insane Stephen King at his best Apt Pupil is the story of Todd Bowden, a brilliant kid that somehow finds out that a Nazi war criminal, Kurt Dussander, lives nearby But instead of turning him out, Todd decides to feed his own psychopathic tendencies and so he learns from Dussander As I said, this is Stephen King at his best, creating two amazing, memorable characters Maybe you won t relate to Todd, but you will sure as hell find him an interesting lad side note I kept imagining Michael Fassbender in the role, which is stupid, because Todd is much younger, but anyway LOL The story escalates rather slowly, considering how short the book is, but when it does, it is satisfying, gripping and gruesome There were certain points where I actually found myself smiling at how slick King s writing is Little twists and turns, were you are on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out if Todd s secret will come out I mentioned above that you won t be able to relate to Todd, and that also covers some of his decisions that maybe are hard to believe, but make sense in the context of the story I actually think that, overall, Todd might be one of my favorite characters in fiction ever He is certainly quite unique, and getsandinteresting as the story continues Parallel to that, the overall book falters a bit towards the end It is not that it isn t a good ending, but it was a bit clich for a writer of Stephen King s caliber All in all, I loved it So with Fall now in full power, maybe you will check this out It is definitely worth it and fitting mwhahahaha. I don t know what my fascination is with Stephen King The fact all of his fifty plus books have been worldwide bestsellers The fact he wrote The Long Walk, a great short story, at the age of eighteen The fact the paperback rights to his debut novel Carrie though actually the fourth he d written was picked up in 1974 by New American Library for 400,000 The fact he has a seemingly limitless imagination The fact every novel feels unique, the characters ridiculously vivid, the plots engrossing The fact he writes like a demon on speed Apparently he wrote Carrie in two weeks After finishing his second novel, Salem s Lot, he popped out The Body Stand By Me just to cool down After finishing his third novel, The Shining, he popped out Apt Pupil in another marathon two week period After his fourth novel, The Dead Zone, he had enough juice left in the tank to deliver Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption and so on and so on.The guy s either a genius or possessed by aliens, like his lead character in The Tommyknockers, Bobbi Anderson, who writes a full length manuscript overnight, apparently in her sleep.Anyway Enough a kissing We all know King can write So how was Apt Pupil Pretty brilliant It was about the unlikely union of a golden schoolboy and a nasty old man caught in a parasitic relationship King writes confidently about Nazis, World War Two, and everything in between He has an amazing voice for his characters At the time he wrote this story he must have been thirty or so, but the old man Arthur Denker Dussander comes off sounding as authentic as if written by a seventy year old. Apt Pupil has two of the best characters Stephen King has ever created in my opinion Both are inhumanly evil one a bad tempered nazi in hiding, and the other an all American golden boy with the secret personality of a budding sociopath Both are so vividly realistic and so out of the realm of King s usual supernatural boogeymen and demons that this book is definitely worth noting These two characters aren t demons They re humans, which makes them all thefrightening. This is Stephen King doing his creepy, nasty thing The main character, Todd Bowden, is a brilliant creation a psychopath in the body of a fourteen year old , all American, blonde haired, blue eyed boy The other main character is an ex Nazi, one who was actually in charge of a concentration camp and gas chambers Together they are just plain evil as they egg each other on through varying degrees of wrongness.I nearly always enjoy a good Stephen King book and this is a good one Only short at 178 pages but always gripping and intense and very readable ^DOWNLOAD PDF ☠ Apt Pupil ✘ Todd Bowden Is An Apt Pupil Good Grades, Good Family, A Paper Route But He Is About To Meet A Different Kind Of Teacher Mr Dussander Todd Knows All About Dussander S Dark Past The Torture The Death The Decades Old Manhunt Dussander Has Escaped To This Day Yet Todd Doesn T Want To Turn Him In Todd Wants To Know Much He Is About To Learn The Real Meaning Of Power And The Seductive Lure Of Evil