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Stephen King, considered roadwork one of his not so good novels I want to disagree with His majesty Lots of readers thought that it would have been a fine short story, but it failed as a novel I object to that For me, it and the stand would be better if they were less ,but roadwork is exactly the right size.Because it is real life In 300 or so pages, it holds the full extension of human vulnerability and despair, in front of painfull fate ,grievous blows of life and the system s cruelty For me, a masterpiece I know Roadwork isn t such a popular or well received story but I actually really liked it I found it sad than scary by the way for king fans who remember The Mangler, this book features Blue Ribbon Laundry , probably sad because it s real than most The frustration and desperation that comes along with flowing against the current of progress is something any reader can understand, and Bart is a truly likeable main character whose psychological plight is impossible not to care about This is a very long, slow burning look at a guy on the edge, and it s not a thrilling book at all, so if you re used to a fast paced story I wouldn t suggest this one What brought it to life for me and really made me enjoy it, which I wasn t expecting, is how well Bachman King understands what a character like Bart would be going through As it becomes clearer that something sinister is going to go down, the story gets very dark and unhinged, but not in the usual manner of King s fantasy laced horror thrills It was a really surprising book which I would definitely consider reading again. @Download Book õ Roadwork â Barton Dawes Unremarkable But Comfortable Existence Suddenly Takes A Turn For The Worst Highway Construction Puts Him Out Of Work And Simultaneously Forces Him Out Of His Home Dawes Isn T The Sort Of Man Who Will Take An Insult Of This Magnitude Lying Down His Single Minded Determination To Fight The Inevitable Course Of Progress Drives His Wife And Friends Away While He Tries To Face Down The Uncaring Bureaucracy That Has Destroyed His Once Comfortable Life Stephenking Stephen King writing as Richard Bachman reminds me of Philip K Dick s mainstream, non SF stories The style and tone of Confessions of a Crap Artist and Humpty Dumpty in Oakland with some scare the freaky deaky out of you is how this comes across.Actually, I also thought about the 1993 Joel Schumacher film Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas Both stories center around a good protagonist who has had enough They thought they were living the American Dream but that dream has a dark underside and as Jim Morrison said in Roadhouse Blues the future s uncertain and the end is always near King, in an introduction, stated that Bachman had become like an alter ego for him, not just a pseudonym to sell books but rather a means to write what he could not as the scary but likable SK Bachman was for the rainy days Bachman was to King like a fake Twitter account created to allow him a chance to leave behind conventional inhibitions and get DARK That s like HP Lovecraft saying, you think I M weird Check this cat out Bart Dawes is a man on the edge Family issues, loss of loved ones, drinking problems, job insecurities, and then THEN, if it s not already bad enough, he gets word that his city is condemning his house for a road extension King does not just describe the snap, but he shows us the inevitable slippery slope we see the boat drive past the point of no return and then speed up.Not one of his best though interestingly King said this was his favorite Bachman book this is one of his thoughtful and introspective. My feelings are really smack dab in the middle on this book I didn t love it but I didn t hate it either I thought some parts were interesting but for the most part, I found it quite pointless if I m being completely honest It seemed like something that should have been a short story but was stretched needlessly into a full length novel Normally I always love King Bachman s characters but they left a lot to be desired in this story I had a hard time finding anything to like about any of them, whether good or bad Dawes has to be one of my least favourite characters that I ve encountered in a King story He s just so unlikable and his thought process was totally ridiculous to me It was a quick, easy read though which actually surprised me because I felt like it was taking forever to get to the point and like nothing was happening But before I knew it I was done the book, so I guess that s something I did quite enjoy the ending, it was pretty epic and a spectacular final showdown And I wasn t sure Dawes had the balls to actually do anything so I was quite pleased with the bang of an ending But I m still left feeling a bit disappointed, it feels like there was a heck of a lot of nothing leading up to it I know something else as well there s a place in most of us where the rain is pretty much constant, the shadows are always long, and the woods are full of monsters Roadwork tells the story of Bart Dawes, a man suffering from grief following the death of his young son To add to his woes, he is to lose both his workplace and home as a consequence of the extension of a nearby interstate highway.Let me give you a little background into my history with the Bachman books before Roadwork, I had read The Running Man and Thinner I thought The Running Man was okay, I liked the idea and I enjoyed the ending, however it felt like it dragged a bit in the middle I had a better experience with Thinner, it felt like a King book to be honest and that s probably why The Bachman books seem to have a pretty bleak outlook with dark endings, and that s not necessarily a bad thing, I like that sometimes It just feels a bit depressing at times and I much prefer reading King when he is actually King I prefer his general writing style and the types of stories we get So I went into Roadwork feeling a bit apprehensive and not really looking forward to it.However, I m happy to say that I enjoyed this one way than I thought I would I didn t love it, but it was a quick, addictive read Some people on bookstagram had said they had struggled to plow their way through it, but I didn t find that to be a problem The character of Dawes was very easy to sympathise with Initially my thoughts were, This guy is annoying, just get over it , but this swiftly turned into feeling a lot of sympathy for the character once you learned about him and his history, as well as the reasoning behind his actions The loss of a child can very easily send you into a downward spiral, especially when combined with the knowledge that you re going to lose your house It s very understandable that you d want to hold onto whatever is left in your life.When reading about Roadwork, I found out that King wrote this book as a way of dealing with the grief after losing his mother to cancer Once I knew that, it really did make me view it differently and you can see the pain and heartache entrenched in the pages, and the inability to let go This is clearly King trying to work through the pain and try to make sense of it all I believe that over time it has become one of King s favourites of the earlier Bachman books.Usually I don t rate books using half stars, but I was so stuck deliberating between 3 and 4 stars for this one, that I ve had to introduce half stars So I give this one 3 and a half stars out of 5 An enjoyable Bachman book for me personally, but I can understand why others may not have enjoyed it as much. Much better than I remember, but still not great by any stretch of the imagination Fact remains, though, I cried than once Review and Thursday Theorist video coming next week. Well then As much as it pains me to do this, I calls em like I sees em, and this was an effort in futility on just about all fronts Now I know, I know, the Bachman books are depressing and dark and bleak and grim I know all that I expected it, and was even looking forward to it But this This was almost painfully tedious to get through It was so pointless So futile I ve read all of the Bachman books, and they ve all been dark and grim and whatnot but they ve all had a point I didn t feel like the same could be said about Roadwork Maybe I missed it, but it seems to me that this is a story about a man who stubbornly, stupidly, and blindly refuses change, and determines to stick it out to the bloody end He gives not a single thought to anyone else he might hurt, like his wife, or his employees, or innocent bystanders, or police officers simply doing their jobs No Why think about them Fuck them He ain t leaving his house He don t wanna They ain t gonna make him Right, Fred Right, George So there Excuse me while I go bash my face into a brick wall so I can better empathize with Bart Dawes One last thing The audio reader for this book was just really bad Dawes was OK, but every other character sounded like they should have been a cartoon Mr Ordner, the boss, would have been one of those big burly bulldogs in a 3 piece suit with a smoldering cigar in one hand and a drink in the other Mr Magliore would be a fatcat Get It Man, whose right hand man would be a lanky tomcat with big ears, sharp claws, and showing ribs Mary Dawes would be a whiny, foofy poodle This is how I saw these characters while listening to this guy read It did not help my enjoyment of the story. A new stretch of interstate is being build and Bart Dawes house is right in its path He has until January 20th to find a new place for he and his wife to live and also a new location for the Blue Ribbon, the industrial laundry where he has been employed for twenty years What will happen if he doesn t I wasn t very old when the original four Bachman books were released but I can t imagine this one did very well before King outted himself It doesn t really have a lot going on Bart Dawes is cracking as progress threatens to take his house and place of employment For 320 pages Normally, my complaint with a lot of Stephen King books is that they re a lot of unnecessary crap and they could easily lose 300 pages Roadwork is no different This thing could easily be condensed into a 20 page short story Your house and work are having to be relocated and the city is paying for it I get it Now use that Weatherby and plastique and start blowing things up if you can t handle it Even Rage was better than this At least all the talking and stalling before the climax in Rage was somewhat interesting Dawes started out mildly interesting and then just seemed pathetic and sad By the end, I was ready to run the wrecking ball and destroy his house myself.The fourth of the original four Bachman books is now closed Now I can move on to a book I actually care about 2 out of 5 stars. Another classic Bachman King The protagonist slowly is loosing his mind since bureaucracy and felt harassment get him out of job and family A very realistic read I still remember clearly The Rolling Stone record Let it Bleed that was constantly played by Barton Dawes on his way to madness You feel for this character as you have him very lively before your mental eye One of the strongest character studies Bachman King ever did Very strong book Absolutely recommended