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4 5 Stars True love is usually the most inconvenient kind Wow How refreshing I feel so much lighter now, like a weight has been lifted off of me I feel happy and fluffy and bubbly This is such a fan and entertaining read I can t even review it properly You can t just criticize harshly a trash YA book, made to not be taken seriously Guys, let some love into your life This book meets The Hunger Games meets The Bachelor meets America s Next Top Model meets any kind of trashy reality show you will find on TV meets any kind of chick lit movie you will find on the cinema And I loved it So many characters and settings reminded me of other characters and settings from other books and movies and tv shows, and it just made me giddy This book would have been my favorite if I read it when I was 15 or something, at 21 I couldn t feel the same butterflies I m jealous of y all for reading it when you were a teenager It must have been such a fulfilling and blissful experience I m gonna criticize some minor problems but nothing too serious I don t want to ruin the jolly feeling this book gave me Let s go For thirty five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn t want Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.Then America meets Prince Maxon Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she s made for herself and realizes that the life she s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.The main character s name is America Singer America Singer And guess what her profession is A singer SHOCKER Honestly, guys, I laughed out loud when this name was mentioned I couldn t help it Also my Greek people need to hear this HER BROTHER S NAME IS KOTA AND HE S A MALE KOTA Non Greek people, listen out Kota in Greek is an insult for Greek people A funny one A trashy one Also, it s chicken But mostly an insult Kota means hen But hen isn t an insult in English, obviously I think Correct me if I m wrong It s basicallybitchin poultry form The word has the same impact as bitch Good talk I m still laughing at this name, and at the fact it s for a male character I sent it to my friends and we all had a good laugh I always laugh sending them weird things from books I read I ll talk about one aspect I didn t like and then I m done as I promised I didn t find the world building too convincing I feel like the story was too character and relationship driven, that the whole standpoint of the politics was unnecessary and redundant I respected the castes derivative, it was unique and it mirrored so much our today s society, but she should have left it at that She should have evolved the world for it to be taken seriously, or slowed down on the teen drama factor Which is the reason these books are so fun and lovable, the teen drama trashy YA aspect of them So, yes, I don t need world building here Now onto what I liked I underestimated this book immensely I truly thought the main character would be a shallow, superficial, dumb bitch, who only cared about the dresses and the fame and all that A character like Celeste, you could say But I was pleasantly taken aback America is an incredible character She is funny, sassy, independent, clever, uncompromising A true role model and I m rooting for her She really cares about her family and puts herself in a tough for her position which also brings danger in physical form I hope she sorts her shit out in her head, and chooses the best for her MAXON Further, I RELISHED in her relationship with her maids I was delighted that she stood up for them, brought them to safety, fought for them She showed how much of a Queen she can become I didn t enjoy ASPEN S CHARACTER AT ALL I feel like he s only with America for the physical stuff And he s sneaky I SEE YOU ASPEN Something is going on Why was he only happy the last three months, like his mum said, when he s been with America for two years And, oh, so randomly, the girl fell and he caught her By the waist, like couples hug intimately COME ON We all saw how quick he was at picking out a lie when her maids entered the room The boy is a natural breed liar Something is gonna be revealed in the next books And I m ready for it I M WATCHING YOU ASPEN teamMaxonMAXON Guys MAXON HE S SO CUTE AND FUNNY AND AWKWARD AND NOBLE AND DID I SAY CUTE AND SWOON SWOON I kept picturing Max Irons as him I don t know if I m wrong When I read books, I always picture actors or singers or whatever for the characters I like most America was Bonnie Wright for me Don t me And let s continue with Maxon MAXON MY NEW FICTIONAL BAE CRUSH COME TO MAMA BAE I love him I love him so much He s so precious and he deserves love and respect and all the cookies in the world I want to hug him I want him to hug me with his gargantuan arms The ones America likes You know I cherished the relationship between all the Selected At the begging, it was all so awkward and everyone was at forks with everyone, because of the competition Only Marlee was genuine with America I love how the women hate was vanished and how after all, aside the competition, they were there for each other I want them to be united and strong in the next book, all six of them I was sad to see the others go so suddenly, but you know they were too many to remember I want the characters of these last remaining five girls to be explored I want to stan new people Initially, I thought Marlee was sneaky She was so nice and giving to America, it should have been a trap With it all being a competition and everything But I trusted her after a while, and now again I don t She is hiding too much Something s fishy here And I don t like fish The relationship between America and Maxon was a gigantic surprise to me I thought they would meet, you know, classic shit, they would fall in love, he would find something special to her, she would rethink her past reflection of his character and blah blah blah Which is how it happened but with an unorthodox way A maverick way Fucking Logan Paul ANYWAY, the friends to lovers trope is one I m never getting tired off I m a fanfic person, shoot me I want them to end up together They bring out the best in each other They re funny, snarky, honest with each other That s why a romantic relationship should start from a strong friendship first I m all for it, in real life too.The point here is, ever since I joined Goodreads and watched lots of Bootube and basically joined the online book world, I m very critical with books I used to read exclusively for joy but now, it s almost gone Ever since I started writing serious reviews which included serious criticism, I started getting picky I would never rate a book with 2 stars a few months ago, but it happened I don t want to do that with this series, though I don t want to nitpick things to rant about I want to enjoy them, like I enjoy all the good trash reality shit on my tv I live for that stuff I love tea being served You all love reality shows and trashy movies, books and tv series Come on, admit it Some things are guilty pleasures And they gives us glee Like Glee You re not funny, Maria, stop doing this shit This book gave me joy This book filled my stomach with euphoria I will certainly continue with the next book In addition, I found randomly the unaired the CW pilot version of this book series WTF WAS THAT WHY IS MAXON A PRICK AND DARK HAIRED WHY IS AMERICA BLONDE WHY IS THEIR MEETING SO DIFFERENT FROM THE BOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING I m so so so so so happy beyond belief this wasn t picked up This book deserves a good movie or tv show adaptation AND I NEED IT So till the next one K BYE I m not so stupid as to believe that you ve completely forgotten about your former boyfriend I know you think there are others here suited for me and this life, and I wouldn t want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this I justI just want to know if it s possible THE SELECTION was one of the best books I have ever read I don t think I quite expected that once I flipped the first page that I couldn t stop But guess what it happened I am constantly thinking about this book and I am 100% in WOW mode Everything about this book I absolutely loved and I have no freaking clue how I am going to wait than a year for the second book to come out Such torture THE SELECTION is a dystopian novel, but it didn t seem so much like one to me, like a Cinderella story But they have a caste system in this world that goes from one to eight One being very rich and eight being very poor The Selection gets held for the prince where out of 35 woman he gets to narrow it down to one girl he picks as his princess So notices gets sent to all the girls to the age of 16 to 20 and all the girls go crazy submitting their entries for THE SELECTIONSince The Selection started, I d been worrying that it was something that was going to ruin my life But in this moment, I couldn t think of a time that felt right As for America Singer our heroine of the story who is a five in the caste system, she doesn t want anything to do with THE SELECTION Her mother is very needy and begging her because it is a wonderful opportunity Even if you don t get chosen as the princess your life changes forever, you will be higher up in the caste system, and it would help America s family America doesn t care about any of that though, and plus she has a secret boyfriend, Aspen It is sort of forbidden too for her to be with him Later on, Aspen feels America should at least try for The Selection and she gets picked as one of 35 girls And some problems happen between Aspen and America before she leavesHe leaned in even closer to whisper You say you re here by mistake, so I m assuming you don t want to be here Is there any possibility of you having any sort ofof loving feelings towards me I liked America I felt like she as a very strong heroine And she is very unselfish She is doing THE SELECTION for her family to help them, but also she wants some distance from Aspen When we meet Prince Maxon he is everything America thought he wouldn t be he is absolutely swoon worthy I mean, come on he is a prince Maxon has very cute qualities that make my heart flutter He has a cute reaction to crying ladies and it is funny I love how he uses the term, my dear , which America hates Haha Prince Maxon is very sweet and kind and all her wants is to find a girl among the 35 girls that are at his palace that he could love That girl may end up to be America though But the question becomes is America even interested Is she over Aspen yet There seems to be a lot going on between Maxon and America without anything actually happening and it becomes clear in my opinion at least that America does like Maxon, but there are things she has to figure out firstI wrapped my arms around him, resting my head against his chest Maxon seemed both comforted and surprised by the gesture I took only a second for him to wrap his arms securely around me Maxon, I m not completely sure what we are, but we re definitely than friends No surprise that I like Maxon than Aspen, but Aspen definitely has his moments and it makes you feel a little sorry for him But I most definitely want America and Maxon together THE SELECTION was one absolutely amazing and my only complaint would be why this book isn t longer It felt so short I wish the book was like 500 pages long I loved it that much It will be complete torture waiting for the next book in the series.More of my reviews at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews Reaction before reading this book I know I may be a sucker for falling for this cover, but look at it I totally want to go to that party.Reaction after reading this book I no longer want to go to this party.Full disclosure I did not read this entire book I took notes for the first 88 pages, read to page 168, and then skimmed the rest I think reading than half the book qualifies as giving it a fair shot The Selection arrives with a gorgeous cover and interesting premise What if a lottery allowed 35 teenage girls to compete for the hand of a handsome prince I thought this might be a fun and fluffy read, so I pushed aside my initial misgivings about the names and pounced on the chance to read the ARC Turns out, sometimes your gut is just trying to do its job, as I kept struggling with the book until I finally admitted that I didn t find a single aspect of this story that I enjoyed Somehow I missed the early blurb that described this novel as a mash up between the The Bachelor and The Hunger Games, which is unfortunate because the comparison to the television show is pretty spot on Mentioning it in the same breath as The Hunger Games is a travesty, however, since this book barely qualifies as a dystopian novel and certainly the quality of the story, characters, themes, and writing don t come even close to comparing.Here are some facts which may help you decide whether you want to read this book Character Names Our main character s name is America Singer Guess what she does. Her boyfriend s name is Aspen Prince Charming s name is Prince Maxon Schreave, who must marry a True Daughter of Il a Other names include Queen Amberly, King Clarkson, Tiny, Kriss, Marlee, Bariel, Gavril, Kamber, and Sosie.Attempts to Make This Novel Dystopian Sketchy caste system Talk of provinces Girls are required to wait until marriage to have sex Infrastructure Committees Occasional mentions of hunger and lack of makeup Writing Very obvious protestations that are easily seen through Juvenile dialogue A lot of whispering to convey dramatic statements A plethora of exclamation points view spoiler And or the love of Pete, could we stop ending sentences in unnecessary prepositions, please Eff you, cell phone commercial You ve ruined whole generations hide spoiler I know, I know, I probably shouldn t have read this But when a series gets to be this popular, I can t help needing to know why I have friends who LOVED this and friends who HATED it, so I had to see for myself.Firstly, the names Okay, I d already made peace with America Singer before going into this book I knew that was her name, I knew it was silly, but whatever, it does not maketh or breaketh a book But I didn t know that America Singer was wait, it s too good a singer Honestly, why did the author think that was a good idea People try to excuse her stupid name with but Katniss Everdeen was a ridiculous name too Yes, it was But let s think about how much worse it would have been if she d been Katniss Evergreen, local fir tree.Secondly, this book really is just like The Bachelor and nothing else I know we can jokingly compare the competition of beauty pageants and various reality shows to The Hunger Games, but the fact that this is seriously being compared to putting kids in an arena and letting them kill each other is just hilarious This is about a beautiful girl who gets so pissed when people comment on her obvious beautyPlease don t call me gorgeous First my mom, then May, now you It s getting on my nerves By the way Aspen was looking at me, I could tell I wasn t helping my I m not pretty case. Oh, the pains of people thinking you re gorgeous.This beautiful girl enters The Selection a contest of sorts where the poor competitors volunteer to compete for the heart of a handsome prince.You ve probably heard that there s very little world building, but I actually wish the author hadn t bothered with the bit of world building she tried to throw in It draws attention to how bad it is by the vague mention of poverty, children being beaten for stealing food, social castes that are distinguished by numbers, etc Cass slips in a small mention of these and then very quickly moves onto the smooching.Also, America s family are supposed to be a hair s breadth away from povertyWe weren t destitute But I guess we weren t that far off either Our caste was just three away from the bottomAnd yet she has makeup products andI had a few nicer dresses for when we worked, but they were hopelessly behind in the fashion departmentBloody hell, is this really supposed to be a dystopia to anyone other than Paris Hilton Oh no, I have only a few nice dresses, what is this world But America s shallow self centredness extends beyond her obsession with dresses, makeup and denying her own beauty She somehow manages to see herself as a voice of righteousness for the people and yet she doesn t even bother to learn the names of her maids at first She has some notion that I assume we re supposed to accept as well that she s a really great person because she lowers herself to hang out with castes below her Isn t she a sweetie for mingling with the commoners The characters never develop beyond the most shallow archetypes bitchy mean girls, nice best friend, banal love interest all topped off with a Mary Sue protagonist And Prince Maxon himself is about as sexy as a doorknob, with even fewer brain cells How creepy is it that he saysYou are all dear to me It is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearestIs that meant to be cute Because it isn t cute It s weird.Just one thing I wasn t going to go into details about the world building To be honest, I went into The Selection willing to forgive it for not being very good on that front I mean, it s obvious that this book wasn t written for people who care deeply about historical, political and socioeconomic factors But Cass should have continued being vague, she really should have Things just went even further downhill when she tried to paint in a back story.How did this world come about Well, obviously there was a Third World War, duh And if you had the most basic understanding of history, guess which countries might have invaded yes, invaded, lol the United States China, you say Bingo Oh, and maybe the Russians Yup, those too I cringe just remembering it.Also, why would China invade the USWhen the United States couldn t repay their massive debt, the Chinese invaded Unfortunately for them, this didn t get them any money, as the United States was beyond bankruptcy Is this for real Why would China be so stupid Did they think they could just march in and seize the money the Americans wouldn t give them And then when they don t get their money, they create The American State of China Which then gets invaded by an expansionist Russia This was way worse than if the author had simply offered no explanation for this society It s a completely crazy explanation Maybe Cass assumed her YA audience would be so history dumb that it wouldn t matter if countries did stupid things for stupid reasons.I guess I learned my lesson about trying out those popular books I never read.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Youtube If you can get past the I m smelling my armpit cover, and also the silly names, and the horribly unoriginal storyline, and the terrible writing wait, really, you can get past all of that What does that leave you then A nice font Seriously, though, read reviews for this one They re not favorable for a reason. The Bachelor The Princess Diaries I hope you find someone you can t live without.I really do And I hope you never have to know what it s like to have to try and live without them. North America was destroyed wars, financial crisis, etc A man of the name Gregory Ill a pulled together what was left to form Ill a This new country came with a strict caste system with Ones being the royal family all the way down to Eights poor, starving untouchables.America Singer, a Five, is among the artist caste Hungry but not starving Poor but not destitute She has a secret love, Aspen, a Six the laborers and cleaners and she knows nothing could be worse than their discovery In her country, only the harshest of punishments are towards the unpure girls.Life seems rather hopelessthat is, until the chance of a lifetime swings her way The Selection. Prince Maxon is ready to find his bride and the royals crowd sourced 35 eligible healthy, virgins for the task America signs up for the Selection under duress of her family and surprise, surprise our heroine is selected Every week she remains in the prince s pool of suitable companions, her family gets much needed money Every week she remains, she s one step closer to becoming a One As much as her family is rooting with her, she decides to cut a deal with Maxon She ll be his friend, his eyes and ears in exchange for keeping her in the competition and her family will keep getting that sweet paycheckI ve met nearly every woman in this room, and I can t think of one who would make a better friend I d be glad to have you stay My relief was inexpressible Do you think, Maxon asked, That I could still call you my dear Not a chance I whisperedSometimes you need a dishy, cat fighting, true love finding, princess y sort of book and this one was certainly it I enjoyed the rather sweet romance that developed between our mains Thank goodness it wasn t an insta love sort of deal Plus, who doesn t love it when there s solid banter between the leadsIf you don t want me to be in love with you, you re going to have to stop looking so lovely First thing tomorrow I m having your maids sew some potato sacks together for youThe thing that bugged the ever living daylights out of me was that the author really didn t know much about politics It sounds weird, but bear with me The country is in a bout of civil unrest, rebels both factions are breaking into the castle every other day and the king decides to host the BachelorReally It just felt very under researched and clumsily done The author has the rebels breaking in so frequently that I really wondered if the king left the back door unlocked.The caste system added drama but you could tell that it was just there for girls to have excuses to be snobs to each other and for dramatic pining moments I love him but we could never be together.All in all, it could ve been a great book if it was better fleshed out but it s still an entertaining one Just don t think too hard Audiobook CommentsRead by Amy Rubinate not bad at allEXCEPT FOR THE ACCENTS I don t think the folks really planned out this audiobook series at all Book 1 Queen Amberly no accent , her sister southern twang Companion Book The Queen Queen Amberly heavy, native Honduraguan accent What the what.Blog Instagram Twitter I read this book for one reason To find out why it s a New York Times Best selling series After drinking several beers and banging my head against the wall after reading The Selection, I can kinda see why And to be fair, it s probably not the absolute worst book I ve read I mean, there s still that time I read Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini Still, it is by no means something that I d recommend.I know it might seem like I detested The Selection based on my status updates, but to be perfectly honest, I haven t had this much fun reading a terrible book since Midnight Sun.Reasons Why This Book is Made of LOLZ Character names If there s one thing that I just don t understand about The Selection, it s why creativity couldn t be used on character names Really, I m not asking for much here, but America SINGER Character names based on their occupation WHY What s funny is when other characters ask America what she does for a living because THEY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT COULD POSSIBLY BE.House of Mary Sues It might not surprise you that this book is about a super special snowflake, but did you know that virtually ALL the characters are just as special The competition in The Selection isn t just about which girl can win Maxon s heart Oh no It s about who s the most special of them all And since most of them are so damn selfless, they end up tripping over themselves, giving each other compliment after compliment No, you re the prettiest You d make such a great Queen I m nothing but a cardboard cutout excuse for a supporting character giggle I shit you not In fact, even Maxon and Aspen are competing, too In my hands I hold a royal flush of Mary Sues.The love triangle I almost always dislike love triangles It turns the female character into someone who can only focus on the two boys and becomes a much less interesting person Her entire story revolves around the boys and which one is the most perfect for her In effect, she is defined by this love triangle and her story becomes a shipping war.I was hoping The Selection wouldn t fall into that trap and was ecstatic that America was leaving Aspen behind when she left to live at the palace But I knew things couldn t be that simple since he eventually shows up at the right fucking moment to add unnecessary romantic tension Because what a coincidence that a poor boy, who s a glorified custodian, would find his way all the way to the palace and a guard right outside America s door WOW It must be fate or perhaps bad writing Let s go with the latter.So now we have both boys back into America s life What s a 16 year old to do Who are you going to choose, America No, I m not choosing him or you I m choosing me Bullshit America spends majority of the book struggling with who to choose And I would wager that the other books have the very same struggle If there is one thing this book was good at, it was its predictability.Also, did I mention how America has never had a female friend The explanation for this is that she is always working and was homeschooled But someone she made time to have a steady boyfriend Aspen for 2 years She even mentions his sisters, but apparently, they aren t friends Even , I found it super strange that she mentions that Maxon would have been someone she befriended at home had he been a neighbor So I guess America only had time to make male friends back at home It s after she is forced to be around other females that she makes female friends.The thing about her female friends is that the only thing they ever talk about is Maxon Though he is a supporting character to America, he holds the center of this novel, making it complete one dimensional, lacking any character depth It s a real shame because the premise of The Selection isn t entirely a horrible one But instead, Cass sets up a plot that is so staged that I couldn t possibly take it seriously Supporting characters are weaker to make America seem stronger Supporting character make ridiculous suggestions so America can seem smarter Rebels attack the palace for reasons not expanded on because it has nothing to do with the romance But, hey, those scenes make America look like a leader, so why not What really kills me is how America tells Maxon that she just needs time to get over her ex boyfriend, but he has no idea it s Aspen, the very guard he stationed right outside her bedroom at night And she doesn t seem to have any inclination to tell Maxon either Also, Maxon doesn t own a set of balls Like I said earlier, I can sort of see the appeal of this book and I ve been told it s really popular among younger readers Two hot boys, pretty dresses, a light and fluffy read There is nothing wrong with these things I occasionally like them in my books as well, depending on what kind of mood I m in But I would have liked the novel to be about than just a girl choosing between each guy We know nothing about her beaus outside of how cute they are to America What are their traits, strengths, morals How do they individually enhance America s life What do these male characters represent on a larger scale How do they even differ The Selection doesn t even begin to touch on any of those questions because the story doesn t actually leave you with any to ponder What it does leave you with is a promise of a love triangle from hell and a sinking sense that the remainder of the series could only be one thing a waste of time My paperback came with a sneak peek of book 2 and I was very underwhelmed even than I was with The Selection She starts off book 2 with the difficult choice of Maxon or Aspen I think I will spare myself.So the question is Is this book worth a read In my opinion, no Alternately, there s The Jewel that has a very similar feel, but is an overall stronger novel in every possible way Read that instead.Steph out More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery. NOTE This review was not affected by online drama or controversy Everything I have to say here is based on my own personal opinion about the book itself, even though I definitely think Cass needs a new publicist NOTE 2 All the captions in the non animated picture memes were made by me because, you know, I m just THAT brilliantly witty So please don t use them without asking my permission first Thanks 35 GIRLS 1 CROWN THE COMPETITION OF A LIFETIME. This book is like those little sachets of Nutella you get as free samples with like a magazine or a packet of Ritz or something, in that it s empty calories lite but seriously delicious It s really small and really bad for you and not really that satisfying but shit if you don t enjoy it Because, no matter how superior you think your tastes are, you will enjoy this Even just on a voyeuristic level You just have to forget all of the stuff you know Like, all of it Forget what you learned in civics class and don t you dare remember even one page of that history textbook that your teacher shoved under your nose when you were eleven Don t untangle those headphones don t try to line up the yellow smarties This book is a house of cards Really cool to look at, but totally flimsy And the controversy is such a shame It s a shame that the creative minds behind this lovably fluffy duck down are the sort to hurl expletives at honest, non inflammatory reviewers via Twitter, which is literally the weakest way to attack someone, because were your reasons so flimsy that they wouldn t fill out than 140 characters Come on Personal shitstorms aside, this book has about as much class and substance as its creators, but that s isn t to say that it didn t nicely pad out a two hour train journey from Dundee to Glasgow That commute, especially on a Friday lunchtime, is a snore Add that to a tiny waif of a story with all of the addictive allure of crack and you ve got two covers that you can turn in one single sitting.I m not going to lie to you and say that I didn t have preconceived notions about this one I mean, come on The social drama was embarrassing Add that to a name like America Singer and you ve got a character I m expecting to hate But the thing was that I totally didn t.I have a bit of a problem with those who expect teen girls in YA books to behave like street smart successful thirty year olds with enough life experience to be able to judge any situation with a clinical and businesslike edge I know I wasn t like that when I was sixteen, and neither were you When I was sixteen I fell in love with a supply teacher and thought that having chipped nail polish made me look edgy America is kind of like me She s probably kind of like you, too She s over dramatic and foolishly optimistic and she gets swept up by a single kind action from a cute boy So what She s a teenage girl She s also careful, restrained and compassionate She doesn t swallow bullshit like it s Orange Julius She s believable I m not usually a huge fan of the whole I m special because I m plain which this whole book does use as a giant smoke screen for its sexism there s the inevitable conversation in which someone says that big groups of girls always means there s snarky bitching and tons of competition, which doesn t hang together at all if you look at what is perpetuating this competition Cass gives us commentary on girls and their competitiveness without actually tackling the reasoning behind that, which is of course a society whose foundations rely on a lack of camaraderie between women and this idea that in terms of relationships, men come first.Who is funding, perpetuating, and benefitting from the Selection Maxon, who will gain a wife, and the king, who will solidify his dynasty The queen is merely there for decoration she says and does nothing of import This book, had it not been the Nutella free sample of dystopia in which there s no greater peril than running out of bow tie pasta and having to resort to lasagne sheets, could have been a fantastic allegory for the way in which women compete and are punished for it, when in fact it is men and male benefactors specifically who both incite and perpetuate said competition We are supposed to hate Celeste because she s our stereotypical heartless mean girl and YA caters only to the insecurities of those who are visually plain, placing girls who wear lipstick into a terribly unflattering light and only exacerbating types of girls when in fact Celeste and her desperation to climb the social ladder is a blinding example of what this patriarchal power imbalance between men and women has created in Cass s world That is, the idea that male acceptance and male pleasure has infinitely greater value than that of women This idea that men and romance comes first, and female friendships threaten that, and get her Tackle her Don t let that hussy steal your man He s all that gives you value, remember Calling out all my friends are guys, there s less drama because girls are bitches gives me immense satisfaction When I hear that self important special snowflake shit it makes me want to hurl Is that any way to speak about your fellow woman Do you understand the waves that women can make when they work together This book is nowhere near as bad in this area as it could have been but we weren t spared disapproving glances at Bariel s breasts or the constant commentary on Celeste and her ridiculously exaggerated competitive antics Do me a favour and spare me another wasted concept, because there s no peril to this, and because there s no peril, the story has no weight None of these girls are being forced to do this There s monetary gain involved but America s family are not exactly begging for scraps, are they Why on earth we re watching a middle class girl agonize so deeply over a silly competition that she chose to enter is beyond me What s further beyond me is the whole caste system, and why it s even in place, and why this book is a dystopia This could have been a four star read for me had it been set in a high fantasy world, maybe in a kingdom called Candy Land where everything was frivolous and silly with an undercurrent of darkness and social instability But let s look at the technicalities of this We have a competition with no negative outcomes that everyone adores except the faceless rebels who lack any real presence and who are portrayed as nasty barbarians when in fact what they re rebelling against is fat cats sitting in a palace eating fruitcake while children in the lower castes starve The prince for whom they re competing is hot and charming and sweet Goddamn, nothing about this is dystopian You might look at the poverty pointedly but is the poverty ever explored in any meaningful way Is there ever any real commentary attached to it No.Jesus, just add some fucking peril to your dystopia But it s light and fluffy It s not meant to be serious you say Newsflash dystopia is a really goddamn serious genre Dystopia is a genre that is built around social commentary Don t you dare come in and fluff up a genre that was created as a platform for authors to offer creative, intelligent critique and discourse on some of the most controversial and powerful social issues in the real world Dystopia is a gift dystopian stories can make us better people This is not a dystopia It is just silly.Honestly This book could have been so much It could have been powerful and groundbreaking It s not like the writing was anything special in some places, it s just plain bad This book is filled with some of the most unnatural and stilted dialogue I have ever read or that any of the characters, even those I liked Maxon was an unexpected favourite of mine, even if he is a two faced spineless dingbat , grabbed my attention enough to make me give a crap It s just one big pile of wasted potential And I am so suspicious of authors who say that they write without agenda because one cannot claim to do impossible things Every single piece of writing in existence has agenda, big or small, powerful or menial Don t say that you just wanted to write a little light hearted dystopia that nobody should take too much to heart Don t Don t do that Don t do what Lauren DeStefano did when she wrote about rape and polygamy and forced marriage and sex with thirteen year olds and then claimed that there was no social commentary behind it, and that she wasn t trying to say anything with her writing The fuck Don t fuck with really serious issues and then try to wriggle out of readers concern or curiosity by claiming that you didn t mean anything by it That s lazy and also sort of insulting All of that said, don t be too surprised by my three star rating I m sorry, but I couldn t award less to a book that engrossed me so, and that was such guilty fun I was absolutely hypnotized. ^Book ⇸ The Selection ↟ For Thirty Five Girls, The Selection Is The Chance Of A Lifetime The Opportunity To Escape The Life Laid Out For Them Since Birth To Be Swept Up In A World Of Glittering Gowns And Priceless Jewels To Live In A Palace And Compete For The Heart Of Gorgeous Prince MaxonBut For America Singer, Being Selected Is A Nightmare It Means Turning Her Back On Her Secret Love With Aspen, Who Is A Caste Below Her Leaving Her Home To Enter A Fierce Competition For A Crown She Doesn T Want Living In A Palace That Is Constantly Threatened By Violent Rebel AttacksThen America Meets Prince Maxon Gradually, She Starts To Question All The Plans She S Made For Herself And Realizes That The Life She S Always Dreamed Of May Not Compare To A Future She Never Imagined