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I am pretty sure you can kidnap someone even if you re married The heroine should have had the hero arrested. I think I am in the minority on this one, but I really struggled with this book I love Sarah Morgan but this one left me a little cold.I felt the hero was sexually abusive and demeaning to the heroine I have no appetite for that, especially not in an HP The heroine had absolutely no scruples and was such a doormat which contradicted the fact she was a highly respected scholar I didn t like that she forgot about her career and became a woman obsessed with primping with a sole focus on waiting for him to come home and have sex with her I never felt the connection grow into anything meaningful between the two It felt like we went from cat and dog fights to love Finally, the whole blackmail plot really just rubs me the wrong way It is my least favorite plot, but I can tolerate it if it is orchestrated well There were a few things I did like I did enjoy the whole story around the diamonds and the big reveal from his mother that finally explained why they were so important It was actually very credible I liked that in the last 5 pages she did get some sanity back and did the right thing for herself and him I really liked the archaeological references in Crete.I had high expectations because of the rave reviews and the fact that it was written by Sarah Morgan, but for some reason it just didn t work for me. If you can suspend your disbelief of the heroine s blackmail into marriage scheme and that the hero went along with it then you ll probably enjoy this story The heroine has a family heirloom necklace the hero wants her sister was wearing it before she drunkenly plunged to her death from the hero s villa balcony The heroine challenges him to marry her for two years and she ll hand over the necklace The heroine has such low self esteem she thinks the hero will never want to be seen with her Hero takes her up on it, they sign a contract and marry The rest of the story is the hero teaching the Doctor of Archaeology heroine about sex, buying her clothes and having fun days out for bit of Greek history and travelogue The heroine eventually learns what a succubus her sister was and that the hero s father is a creep who has affairs with teenage girls With all those fun days out and lots of hot sex and the truth finally being told, the H h have their happy ending The heroine s mother is still awful and the hero s parents are still in a hopeless marriage but hey you can t have everything. What Okay read for me,the plot did nt work for me,i gave 3 stars only cause of 2 reasons Angelina was shown to be intelligent fearless woman,had no qualms about saying exactly what she thought about Nikos and it was Angelina who blackmailed Nikos into marriage not the other way round Didn t really like the whole she blackmailed him into marriage thing I was just like WTF It was crazy Her sister was a sociopath, her mother was a psychopath and she was just delusional The Hero actually saved her from a miserable life I actually ended up liking the story I have been reading too much this last week and I think I am suffering from hphealanditis The remedy is complete bedrest, a bottle of pino grigio and the book Honors Splendor by Julie Garwood Or an old Dean Koontz but something other than an HP for sure. I didn t care for the so called heroine , Angie Blind devotion to her family made her submissive and, even worse, unscrupulous Angie s loyalty would have been admirable, but I felt it was misplaced as both her sister and mother were undeserving under the circumstances view spoiler Her mother verbally abused her with constant digs about her looks and brains, while she dismissed her sister s flaws and blamed herself for Tiffany s unscrupulous behavior Angie also refused to return the diamond pendant Tiffany had received from an adulterous relationship with Nikos father And the worst part was that she KNEW returning it to Nikos was the right thing to do Instead she let anger and loyalty to her gold digging sister fuel her ridiculous demand that Nikos marry her if he wanted the diamond back hide spoiler I can t be too sure why but I loved this story It had everything in it but mostly, it had that effect on you where you don t want to stop reading, even when the book is over you want It was definitely good Couldn t find the koolaid.The h is grieving the death of her horrible little sister, Tiffany, who was soooo much prettier, thinner, and better in every way according to Mummy The h being plain, plump and unworthy in every way actually has a real job as a professor of Greek antiquities, but who cars about that In reality the h is about as plain and plump as Ginger on Gilligan s Island, but Mummy s and Tiffany s relentless and cardboard criticism has convinced her otherwise The h and Mummy blame the great, big horrible Greek tycoon He is Greek, he is a tycoon, and he is horrible.The h blackmails him into a MOC so he can get back the magic diamond that eldest son gives to the love of his life Tiffany stole it of course The H turns the MOC into a sexual education that rivals the antics of a BDSM dungeon, and he s kind of a pig about it She s so grateful for her first nice sexual experience the h hugs him, and he beats feet which hurts her feelings.There is the requisite I don t know how to look pretty trope, and I am just done I don t know why it didn t work for me view spoiler We and the h find out that Tiffany was actually a home wrecking old digger of the worst sort and not the angel of goodness and light the h has been fooling herself about Tiff put the moves on the H s father after she failed to win another, smarter older Greek tycoon s attention The H is freaked because his father has had a history of adultery and the H s mother tried to commit suicide over one affair Tiffany must have upped the ante because the whole family is on lockdown about her evil ways That means the hero never had an affair with the evil one, so thats one icky trope missed, sixth degree of separated sister sex Now that the hero has the diamond back, he can give it to heroine I don t want to be there when they tell the Greek mama that her new daughter in law was sister to Satan Not to mention her nightmare of a mother is going to make those Christmas holidays very uncomfortable hide spoiler ^EPUB ☜ Blackmailed by Diamonds, Bound by Marriage ⇻ SHACKLED BY DIAMONDS The Brandizi Diamond Has Been In The Kyriacou Family For Generations So When It Comes Into Angelina Littlewood S Possession, Nikos Kyriacou Must Get The Jewel Back But Angie Has Her Own Reasons For Keeping It And For Wanting To Teach Arrogant Greek Nikos A Lesson What Better Way Than To Agree To Marriage But Then Angie Discovers What Being Nikos S Wife Entails He Has One Demand He S Her Husband And She Ll Share His Bed