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Not the best read but it was enjoyable. An OK conclusion Milan s death didn t really impact me, either because I didn t really like Milan in the first place or because it just kind of happened Similarly, while New Earth s policy of no violence ever was annoying, I admired that Erik stuck to it so steadfastly, yet they seemed so forgiving whenever soemone broke it I m not sure how I felt about Penelope killing Ambassador Lord Scanthax while the kidnapped rather that left behind twist was obvious, it did seem as though Ambassador cared for her, at least a little meaning he was all of Lord Scanthax s empathy and love compressed into one being, as much as that was worth I would have liked time exploring the other worlds how did Myth differ from Epic What was Ruin What happened to Bjorn and Nathan Bjorn wasn t even mentioned in the second book, and Nathan wasn t mentioned at all here For that matter, BE was never mentioned again after his character died.I liked that Joducus was a human, and that there were subtle hints throughout that Athena and Ghost put together off screen, which was dumb, but made sense, since all his suspicious behavior wasn t necessarily visible to all the characters The woman in the tower who drew deaths was genuinely creepy And while I hated the Count from Epic, I did feel some pity for him here. Once again, the worlds of Epic and Saga are joined only this time a new world is introduced, Edda This fantasy landscape holds many new wonders and terrors Our protagonist, Penelope aka Princess, has been brought up by NPCs all her life, have been abandoned by the humans on her planet But as the threat of war emerges between Edda and Saga, secrets come out about her past, and loyalties are tested I think this is a great continuation to the series and as usual Conor Kostick does a wonderful job of blending fantasy and high tech ideas The plot is full of engrossing adventures and unexpected turns and plenty of awesome battles of course Both video gamers and bookworms alike will enjoy Edda due to the unique one of a kind concept of the novel. Edda by Conor Kostick is the third book in the sci fi fantasy Epic series It takes place in a future where humans have created virtual realities with enough depth to give some of the virtual inhabitants of the games free will In the first book, Epic, the community of New Earth, a colony of humans that evacuated the Earth, used the game Epic to settle who got what in the real world The you had on your game character, the better jobs and resources you received in the real world Erik and his friends completed a final quest to get rid of Epic and change the whole economic system In the second book, Saga, the game Saga replaced Epic and all the inhabitants of this new game had free will The Dark Queen made the inhabitants of New Earth addicted to Saga and therefore Erik, the only non addicted human, needed to defeat the Dark Queen, however this was difficult with the New Earth pacifist policy In Edda Erik, with his character Cindella, a female pirate, Ghost and her friends from Saga and Eriks other human friends with new avatars need to learn who is behind a new portal that has appeared in Saga Erik s character has an assortment of magic items from Epic Ghost as a Reprogrammed Autonomous Lifeform RAL has the ability to slow time and change the direction of projectiles Meanwhile the other humans have powerful weapons from Saga for their characters however Gunnar, a supporter of a powerful faction in New Earth that dislikes electronic beings with self awareness from past experiences with the Dark Queen, is tasked to make sure no one learns that they are humans and where their colony lives Penelope is a human that has been saved by Lord Scanthax in the world of Edda, a game based around world conquest, as a human can use the inner workings of the game and create objects out of thin air I liked how the book brought the idea of what happens when artificial intelligence gains free will It was interesting how the characters interacted between the real world and the game with themselves and the virtual characters or electronic intelligences EI as they call them For example they go out of the game to spread information between worlds and care for the EI as they were humans The one thing I dislike is how it brushes off Saga s end I would recommend this book to someone who likes sci fi or fantasy books or just likes MMO s Mass Multiplayer Online games However I would not recommend this book to someone who does not fit into any of these categories at all. There are virtual worlds than Epic After Saga, a new invader is making things difficult Cindella and Ghost and her friends want to put a stop to the invasion of their world Meanwhile, a human girl named Penelope designs weapons for her world, Edda The last book of the trilogy is quite good, and I felt bad for Penelope The non violence of Erik s world was a bit annoying, however Peace doesn t work, haha. I ve read Epic around 12 times at this point It is a book I grew up reading and I find its universe amazing However, I never really got into Saga or Edda because younger me couldn t really understand them This read through though totally changed my perspective on the series Edda was an amazing book full of fun banter and serious enemies The characters were written so well and each hardship set fear that they were going to die The main part of the book though, the interplay between AI and humans is the main part Kostick shows what may happen in thousands of years and I honestly wouldn t be surprised if his predictions come true AI becoming sentient and taking over the physical world As a science tech dweeb myself, I loved this books technology and everything that may be in our future Highly recommend. I enjoyed this third book better than the second, Saga There were still moments when the story dragged but overall the concept of a Age of Empires world setting with a human scripting a variety of weapons for the AI of the world was interesting I would recommend this series to those who are interested in video games, fantasy role playing, or gaming in general. Great readI really liked this trilogy Fun adventure, and great story telling to go along with likable characters in an interesting sci fi universe. This review may also be found on A Thousand Little Pages.Penelope has known no world beside the video game universe Edda her entire life Living as the only human avatar in a land of electronic beings, she bears the title Princess and scripts weapons into digital existence for Lord Scanthax as aid for his expanding empire As a young girl, she was eager to please the cold Lord father figure But as Penelope matures and discovers her lack of freedom and the reality behind her emaciated human body, fed through tubes and always plugged up to a game console to access Edda, she decides to exact revenge on the beings who have taken advantage of her trust and innocence While Edda readies for battle for yet another conquest, another band of travels led by Cindella and Ghost from the universe Saga are gathering forces Nothing is resolved until peace is achieved Edda was quite a unique book I am not an avid gamer myself aside from the odd Pokemon game here and there , but the novel still managed to capture my attention at the very beginning Well, to tell you the truth, the interest began to wan as I continued through Edda, and by the end, I was glad to finally read the last word and close up the book.The novel was definitely written quite well, something I hadn t originally expected, given the subject and setting of Edda However, even the hard core fantasy fan in me had trouble getting into the storyline The viewpoint jumps from Penelope s struggles in Lord Santhax s castle to Cindella and the others journey through the electronic realms What bothered me to no end was the lack of tension, I suppose Penelope spends the entire novel plotting, and Cindella spends the entire novel traveling and killing things that got in their way The resolution was short and took up only about 30 pages out of the 440 page book.Although the novel was not my cup of tea, Edda will appeal to fantasy and sci fi fans alike, and of course, gamers will enjoy the references to gaming spread throughout.Book Source ARC via VOYA ^BOOK ⇨ Edda (Epic, #3) ↵ Everyone In The Virtual Universe Of Edda Is Made Of Pixels Except Penelope While Her Body Is Kept Alive In A Hospital Bed, Her Avatar Runs Free, Able To Go Anywhere And Do Anything, Including Create Deadly Weapons For Edda S Ruler, Her Guardian, Lord Scanthax When Scanthax Decides He Wants To Invade Another Virtual World, Erik Cindella From Epic And Ghost From Saga Become Part Of The Story And Soon The Virtual Universes Are Alive With Fighting, Alight With Bombs, And Brought Together By Three Teenagers Who Want Peace And Understanding This Is The Third And Final Book In Conor Kostick S Trilogy