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Fantastic, lightning read with a unique art style that truly walks you through Zen Buddhism Bears repeated reading and practicing to enjoy it to the fullest. The historical overview was interesting and the one thing that saves this book from getting only one star Apart from that, this book almost made me confused than I was before And the illustrations are terrible Not funny, not nice to look at, just annoying Not recommended The author s state from the beginning that Zen is an impossible subject to cover, and that they didn t even want to take this project on It ran really hot and cold for me I enjoyed knowing the brief history of Zen and its terms, but I think they muddled around a bit too long with each individual monk Zen master, and for me, it became rather monotonous and hard to tell them apart The illustrations bring a little fun to it. I love this book Even though some of the illustrations are rather crude, I still really like them and think they add a lot to the text This book encapsulates many of the basics and history of Zen without going into too much detail This book reminded me of some of the things in the novel, Red Zen by Jason Earls Check that one out of you get a chance. This is a great book for beginers on the Zen path It is clear and easy to read and understandf Fun stuff The introduction that is not an introduction is spot onand there are many humorous gems as with all For Beginners books, actually I m a fan. As good as anything else out there I suppose More slanted toward Rinzai Zen A quick, fun read. *Epub ↛ Zen for Beginners (For Beginners) ⇫ Zen From Its Foundation In China Of The Th Century AD, Has Always Been Than A Religion It Is An Intriguing System Of Principles And Practice Designed To Give Each Individual The Experience Of Eternity In A Split Second, The Knowledge Of Divinity In Every Living Thing To Create A Book About Zen, However, Is Risky It Is One Thing To Describe The Factual History Of This Exotic Strain Of Buddhism It S Quite Another To Successfully Convey The Crazy Wisdom Of The Zen Masters, Their Zany Sense Of Their Uncanny Ability To Pass On The Experience Of Enlightenment To Their Students The Authors Of Zen For Beginners Have Clearly Overcome These Considerable Risks The Books Uses An Engaging Mix Of Clear, Informative Writing And Delightful Illustrations To Document The Story Of Zen From Its Impact On Chinese And Japanese Culture To Its Influence On American Writers Such As Japanese Culture To Its Influence On American Writers Such As Ginsberg And Kerouac I love Beginners books. An enjoyable and illustrated primer on the history and main ideas of Zen Buddhism I read it very quickly it was a low word count and learned a bit about the who s who of Zen The cartoons were funny I have become a practitioner of Zen, in my own way It is easy and impossible in equal measures Someone smarter than I am compared Zen to high wire walking string a cable between two poles a hundred feet above the ground Make sure the cable is taut Walk across the cable without falling.Easy, right Book 1 of 2018, in the bag.