READ BOOK ⚇ The Golden Age of Zen: The Classic Work on the Foundation of Zen Philosophy ⚆

The text for my Introduction to Zen class. READ BOOK ⚇ The Golden Age of Zen: The Classic Work on the Foundation of Zen Philosophy ♋ Wu S Book Has Long Been A Primary Source For Understanding The Development Of The Hugely Influential Philosophy Of Zen Buddhism By Students And Teachers Alike The Golden Age Of Zen Explores The Philosophy S History, From Its Early Connections With Taoism To The Magnificent Flowering Forth Of The Whole Movement In The Hands Of Succeeding Generations Of Chinese Sages Not an easy bookYes is not an easy book Chinese philosophy as simple as may seem is very deep for westerners readers and scholar One of the best texts on classic Zen that you can grab. Good to know about many Zen Masters of old, but not through this book This book is written with a very biased view The basic idea of Zen is to look at the world with awareness without bringing any philosophy in between But the author is so biased towards Christianity, that he keeps on bringing Christianity every now and then In the book he has many times said about the stories related to Bodhidharma and few others that they are legends without any basis But in the whole book, he never says that many stories of Jesus Christ are also legends He cannot say.Another thing is he is too biased towards Hui Neng, the sixth patriarch of Zen.When one writes on Zen, one should be unbiased and try to do justice to Zen without bringing his own doctrines in between The author has clearly failed in his endeavour.What is good about the book is that it talks about many Zen masters and their anecdotes, which is of course helpful for any interested student of Zen He has brought materials from different sources, that too is commendable. All the cha n masters of china during the T ang period 618 906 are adequately covered here.One chapter for each master.Historical,biographical and doctrinal facts as well as legends are woven together in a very readable and light hearted narrative.