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~READ E-PUB ♲ Epic ♳ Generations Ago, Violence Was Banned On New Earth Society Is Governed And Conflicts Are Resolved In The Arena Of A Fantasy Computer Game, Epic Everyone Plays If You Win, You Have The Chance To Go To University, Get Supplies For Your Community, And Fulfill Your Dreams If You Lose, Your Life Both In And Out Of The Game Is Worth Nothing When Erik, Seeking Revenge For The Unjust Treatment Of His Parents, Dares To Subvert The Rules Of Epic, He And His Friends Find Themselves Up Against With The Ultimate Masters Of The Game The Committee If Erik And His Friends Win, They May Have The Key To Destroying Epic S Tyranny Over New Earth But If They Lose With Its Setting Of A Fantasy MMORPG, Epic Is An Early Example Of LitRPG This book was a quick read The writing was adequate for the genre, if a little bland at times I found it hard to care for the characters, but the author did throw a few interesting twists in the plot enough to keep me reading until the end However, the end blew it for me as the epic battle was too easily joined by the masses in my opinion Many of the reviews here say that the game was created to settle disputes because violence was outlawed This may not have been the case In fact, it seems that the game, Epic, was created for recreation, to be a game But the original premise to complete quests, etc was lost once the game began to be used as a judicial system This is born out by the fact that the game, becoming sentient, misses people pursuing quests which is one of the reasons it is attracted to Eric s PC, who invests in beauty instead of necessary skills to earn coins in the arena and is interested in the quest.A decent book Not epic despite its title Still, a fun read overall. On New Earth, violence is illegal Epic a MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game was created for people to clip up, enter the world of Epic, and take out their agression on fictional characters rather than doing harm to a real person Life is hard for all but the uber rich and central committee Erik s family suffers, especially since his father view spoiler committed an act of violence in defense of his wife hide spoiler Actually I quite like the idea of this book this world, where you re life depends on how well you do in a computer game But a lot of things in the book disappointed me and did not live up to my expectations, which weren t really that high from the start.First of all the language was dull and unexciting, and again and again I found myself getting frustrated over the images, descriptions and words used For example all the players in the game are in grayish colors If you see them from a distance in a cluster, how can they then look like brilliantly colored mass The language was most of the time strained Conor Kostick is a debut author, and I can just imagine how he got this great idea about the world s destinies being decided by a computer game, but the problem was that he didn t know much about writing Then he took some writing courses and got a few tricks, read a lot of books and then tried to write like he thinks an author should But his writing doesn t work, and it doesn t flow a lot of sentences seem out of place.Then the characters I didn t feel a thing for them The narrative style, which changed point of view often, didn t suit the book The only job it did was to have the reader know the basics about the characters most involved in the story The reading was like spying on the characters from a hidden corner, hearing what they were saying, seeing a few expressions, but not really knowing what was going on inside of them The male protagonist, Eric, annoyed me especially He seemed to follow Injeborg puppy like in any direction she wanted to go, he didn t have any greater thoughts about the changes which needed to be done in their world Others just thought for him I would rather have seen Injeborg as the protagonist and main narrator The dialogue seemed unrealistic and very childish The conversations especially between the teenagers were very okay, that s not what a teenager would say, that s what an adult thinks it would be cool for a teenager to say What I thought I was going to read throughout the book wasn t what I got in the long run The story took weird directions that just was plain weird to me I think I will give the next book in the series a chance, just to see how and if Kostick improves. Perfect for fans of Ready Player One or anyone who has ever enjoyed playing an MMORPG Erik, a young boy in a futuristic society, tires of scrabbling for his day to day existence in real life and in a virtual world, where all wealth and legal issues are decided by combat in a game called Epic Almost everyone in Erik s society kills kobalds and other low level monsters every day, to gather pennies to improve their online characters and, therefore, their society After dying, yet again, and crushing his family s hopes for his advancement in Epic, Erik creates a ridiculously attractive female character and puts all of his points into beauty, a skill that no one else ever considers because it is a useless stat from a fighter s standpoint What happens next is an exciting adventure through virtual worlds with magic, monsters, swords, and sorcery who will triumph Erik and his friends or the all powerful Central Allocations team or the game, itself Erik s creation of Cindella his avatarSerious gamers, and the whole world consisted of serious gamers, never wasted a point on beauty that could be spent on practical attributes, or combat skills, craft skills, weapons, magic items and spells As a result, Epic s population of players consisted entirely of dull, gray looking humanoids His friends were in for a shock it would be impossible to explain his choices to them, as there was no rational argument in favor of throwing away every practical advantage in favor of beautypg 15The power of beautyWhile they made their way through the flapping canvas and rope of the market stalls, Bjorn noticed something unusual The NPCs were not stationary their heads were turning towards the two players Erik, look at the merchants Hmmm That s odd Erik s character made the actions that arose from the wave smile command A nearby seller of herbs smiled and waved back You try Bjorn had his big warrior wave Nothing They like mepg 27Librarians play a huge part in this story, which of course I LOVEDSon, your story of Cindella and the pirate treasure is exciting But you need to obtain information I know Hope has a library Where all the information ever learned about Epic has been stored It is our right to be able to consult that information So we are going to pay the librarian a visitpg 36The villain in this book is just awfulthe illicit thrill of being a player killer was something that could not be understood with logic Nor could logic explain the pattern of his killings Curiously it was not the stronger looking players that attracted his attention and if there was any justification for the deaths of players it was to eliminate possible threats to the Central Allocations team No, it was the slightly heartrending players, with their one weapon and tiny pieces of armor, which drew his attention There was something bewitchingly naive and tender about them, spending their spare time killing kobolds and orcs for pennies, saving assiduously and slowly And so he rode them down, bringing their struggle up the ladder of Epic to an abrupt endpg 60 Haters gonna hate.Doing the impossible dragon slayingI agree with Bjorn, Sigrid interjected Farmers children just don t kill dragons Nobody kills dragons these days But if they did, it would be the people in Mikelgard, with all their magic and expensive gear But nobody even thinks about fighting dragons any Injeborg spoke up Erik had known that he could count on her Only our Erik That s why he has seen something that they have missed She turned to her brother, Come on, Bjorn Let s try it No, it s hopeless Injeborg stamped her foot in frustration You are always waiting for something to happen to you But that s not how life ispg 85Big dreamsTell me, said Injeborg Everyone, what is it that you would like from life She turned to look at Sigrid I would like to be allocated a small farm, somewhere near here Bjorn I would like the same B.E Slightly embarrassed, B.E laughed, and then said, I would like to be a successful Epic player, like Svein Redbeard Erik I would like nothing better than to be a librarianpg 89 A new way to play the gameWouldn t it be wonderful if the game didn t matter, other than to play it We could explore snowy mountains, spectacular caverns, and remote desert civilizations To journey just for the pleasure of the adventures would be something She paused Only now do I understand why this game was inventedpg 192 A good metaphor for life, I think. YA treatment of societally mandated online gaming as a society s escape valve for violence Pretty good on MMORPG stuff impenetrably so, I suspect, for those wholly unfamiliar although serious gamers will undoubtedly have quibbles It s well enough done, but like the games in which simply grinding through the quest and not making major mistakes provides for a successful outcome, there s not a lot of plot tension or subplots And the fact that characters in the game die without characters dying IRL takes a considerable amount of the emotional impact away from the many deaths I think there s here about life as a gamer than perhaps the author entirely meant, even though there s a fairly ponderous social political message as well The book, ultimately, is a mirror of the game life it portrays. Epic is about a group of friends on New Earth Earth was torn apart by violence, so New Earth settlers brought one rule no violence This book is really good towards the middle, but towards the end I was disappointed It led up to this huge final battle in the computer game of Epic, after we d just learned they could actually die in real life through the game But then the battle came, and it was so easy, it had no sense of danger at all Even when the most powerful player in the game, an NPC who could think for himself and kill you in real life, he got killed in two seconds and it was way too easy. A few elites control Epic, a medieval style virtual world where all real life economic and political disputes are settled All is well until a farmer s son discovers a game changing flaw in the system A swashbuckling tale for fantasy and adventure fans. What if the quality of your life depended on how well you played a MMORPG What s a MMORPG you ask It is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Well, on New Earth that is exactly the way life is.On New Earth, violence is illegal Epic the MMORPG was created for people to clip up, enter the world of Epic, and take out their agression on fictional characters rather than doing harm to a real person However, over the years, the purpose of the game shifted and became the determining factor for what kind of job you had, where you were able to live, and what supplies you received Central Allocations, a small group of people in charge of all the decisions, controls everything.Erik s family is having a tough time They have had some solar panels break and aren t able to produce enough olives to meet their quota Their attempts at getting replacement solar panels have been unsuccessful and the family is afraid Central Allocations will require them to move to the salt mines for punishment In addition to the family problems, Erik isn t doing well in the game himself In order to have a chance to go to University you must accumulate wealth and status in Epic Erik just continues to get his characters killed because he trys to kill the same dragon everytime he enters the game His last death is the final straw though Out of frustration he does something he has never done before Erik creates a character that is female instead of his usual male character that resembles him in real life Instead of going by his own name he chooses one he thinks befits a beautiful character Cindella Immediately upon entering the game as Cindella, things begin to look up Characters that are a part of the game begin talking to her and giving her things Soon she realizes the characters are pointing her toward a quest.With his newfound status in Epic, Erik uses his accumulating wealth and the help of his friends to take on Central Allocations once and for all They are up against the most dangerous players of all Ones with wealth and experience But, if Erik can defeat Central Allocations, he ll be able to save his family and possibly create a better life for them and those of his friends possibly even the world.EPIC is an interesting story There is no problem keeping up with the real world and the Epic world The author does a great job of distinguishing the two If you enjoy Fantasy or Sci Fi, then you ll enjoy this story There is a sequel called SAGA that has already been released. This was a really good book, and I recommend it to people who like Ready Player One, or other books with some kind of a VR world.